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Some advice...take it with a grain of salt if you like. Just suggesting...

Obviously it's your club, so you can let in anyone you like. sounds rather closed up to me. Reason I say this there may be people that are FANS of such automobiles, but yet don't own one because of whatever reason.

The wording on the homepage makes one think that you cannot belong to the club without first being a car owner. While that's all cool and if that's what you want, then great. Your club, your rules. But if you're looking to get more participation, or want to really expand the interest in these cars and maybe grow the club, you'll be further ahead to allow in anyone with a basic interest in the club. There are many benefits to doing this, but I do understand there's always some drawbacks too. I personally think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks though. Look at this site. When it started, NOBODY owned a 5th gen Camaro. But people came, hung out, shared info, and I think the site forums are great source of information, even from folks that just share an interest in the car.

Just sayin'...obviously something to consider.

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