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Injector problems

I have a 96 Camaro RS with a 3.8 engine. I just replaced the heads to my car. I put everything back together and now the injectors wont open. I unhook the fuel lines and turn the car over to see is gas pumping in which it is. The car do start up when spraying starter fluid in the intake, but shuts right off as soon as I stop spraying. I check the spark, and it have spark. The fuel rails do have gas in it when I push the little button in to release gas. So it all leads to the injectors. Is it possible my compter went ou and im not recievig a ground to the injectors. Im pretty sure they not clogged. I double checked all the wires and made sure they were connected. What else could be the problem? I dont want to by a computer if thats not the problem. All fuses are good.
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