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I read a bunch of opinions on how to launch the car then went to the track with a good idea on what to do and the best I ran was a 14.0 with a 2.8 60'. Then I took the car out a couple late nights and practiced launch after launch on a desolate road till I felt confident. Next trip to the track I ripped a 13.0 with a 2.3 60' on my first pass. By the end of the day I bested a 12.7 with a 2.08 60'. Moral of the story, everyone can tell you how they launch the car but in the end you have to learn your car your way. I find not revving at all and riding out the clutch so much that you think you'll haze it out the hole is the best method on street tires. I also turn TC and stabilitrac completely off.

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