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It's a very legitimate question Bucky so I have no problem with you asking. You are correct...MidnightSSS won last month or April...and he responded very quickly with his interview answers but he has never supplied me with a picture of himself with his ride. When people are nominated now...I send them a pm immediately and ask them to check the rules and let me know if they are unwilling to satisfy the requirements. I understand that some people don't want to show a picture of themselves so I allow them the opportunity to bow out. But Midnight agreed to the terms and won...and he promised to send me the picture but he never did. But he did say he would "just give me a couple more days" until it was so late I contacted him and said this...

Originally Posted by Envy
As far as I know...I never received a picture from you with your car. So did I screw up and miss your email or did you not ever send one? I would really like to run your story and you are well liked here on the site so I know everyone else is wondering what happened.

Please let me know if you can still get a picture to me ASAP and I'll just make you the May MOTM so we can get things back on track time-wise with the voting. If it isn't going to be possible to get me that picture then please let me know so I can start the May nominations.

I do apologize if you sent the picture and I somehow missed it. I've had a lot going on here at home and I've been distracted lately.
His reply was "I'll send one Saturday"...but on Saturday I got a reply that said he was just to busy to get a picture to me and by the time I read it on Sunday I'm thinking f*ck...what do I do now??? So I sent Jason...our other nominee the last two months a pm and asked him if he would be our May MOTM because that way I could get things back on track with the nominations and voting.

I just don't think it's fair to all the other MOTMs that have supplied pictures to let a few members skirt that requirement...especially since I give them a chance to recuse themselves. I will run MidnightSSS's story with the picture of his car that he supplied...but I'm not going to put it on the front page so I need Helena to tell me how to do that. As it is now...the story automatically appears on the homepage when I post in that section. I sent her a pm this morning to ask but she isn't usually in the office until Tuesday.
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