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I scared the DOG SH** out of my Finance Guy! LONG READ, WORTH IT

So I purchased my car from Michael Stead Chevy in Walnut Creek, CA. GREAT Salesman, GREAT Sales Manager....

Ive never wanted to punch someone in the face so hard, who i had only known for about 15 min.... The finance guy

So Saturday I go in to pick up the car, I present my PenFed Check, find out its a draft check, they want to run mine and my wives credit and secure another loan just in case anything happens to go wrong with PenFed, I think its BS, but whatever I know PenFed will come through, and I just want to leave with my car so we agree, fill out the app, go through the motions and aquire the 2nd loan.

SO he shows me what I got approved for, the amount of months, interest rates, and on my PenFed he has added Resistall and LoJack to the loan, I tell him the other 2 I dont care about since I wont be getting them, and I dont want either of those 2 added to my loan, he tries to argue a little, I tell him my brother in law works for LoJack and I could get it from him if I wanted it, and he says well he cant get a discount on it..... WHAT?? YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT MY BROTHER IN LAWS JOB AND DISCOUNTS THEN HE DOES??? and we both tell him sternly YES HE DOES. So at this point he is already getting under mine and my wifes skin trying to pull that.

So anyway, we leave to get cash for the down payment to make things easier. Come back he has the paperwork ready for us to sign.

We go into his office, and here he goes trying to sell me extended warranty, No thank you, maintenance plan.... NO thank you.... some other service which I cut him off by saying I DONT WANT ANYTHING ADDED TO THE CAR to which he reply's

No Problem sir I see you like to pay MORE with a smart ass sarcastic attitude.

Im there with my wife, its a big day for me, so you know what, I smirk and let it slide, because Im thinking I will never had to deal with this POS again.

He again offers me the resistall and explains it to me, and I tell him ive already spent alot of money on detailing items, and done alot of research, he starts to go on about how theres no warranty if I apply anything but resistall has 7 years blah blah and I start telling him that I know many people with collector cars with 30 year old paint jobs that still look new, I know people with tire shops, mechanic shops, Lojack, everything he can offer me I can do myself at a better price.

So its over Ill never have to see this POS again right? WRONG

My salesman calls me yesterday and tells me we have a problem, I didnt sign the PenFed check


So he tells me I can come in tonight before 7 and sign it, I ask him well, what about my wife doesnt she need to sign it also? Ugh the finance guy didnt mention that Ill ask him and call you back

Sure enough, she does, so theres the problem since my wife gets out of work too late to make it there by seven, now I am talking to the finance guy over the phone and hes telling me we can mail it to you, sign it and overnight it to us, or you can come pick it up tonight, and take it home for your wife to sign it and then overnight it.

I tell him Im not going to pay out of my pocket to overnight it to him, and he says well sir at this point its your time and its your money, you presented your own draft check and I outlined what you needed to sign and you didnt sign it

Me - "I understand I didn't sign it, its on both of us though and Im not paying $25 out of my pocket to overnight it to you, your 30 min away Ill send it regular mail with signature confirmation and itll be there the next day"

Him - "So you want me to pay for it? Sir your the one who didn't sign it"



Wow, that was the last draw, all I could do was laugh, I said ok I will see you at 6:30

All of these thought about all the things Im going to say, Im gonna get in his face, invite him to clock out and talk about it outside, I am soooo pissed off I am SHAKING

So I call my wife, tell her the situation and what happened, she says she can go over right now and sign it before she goes to work, I call my salesman and tell him she can go, but I DO NOT want her to deal with that POS, she will sign it with my salesman and not be within 5 feet of that waste of skin. he agrees

So for the next 2 hours i am trying to calm down, I am at work, I am an EMT and I work with people in emergency situations, I have to focus and be compassionate and empathetic and this just threw me off.

Im getting off at 6 and I get a idea, I turn to my partner and ask him, what would you do if you had been arguing with someone and they took out their phone or camera and took a picture of you?

Man I would be really tripped out, I wouldn't know what to think....

So at this point my wife has informed the sales manager of what happened, he contacts me and apologizes, listens to what I have to say, and he forwards the info to the Owner, he tells me he will try to have someone else be waiting for me when I get there.

I arrive at 6:40, walk in, noone greets me, I walk towards the offices and theres the POS, I say WHATS UP MAN with a smirk, "Hello Sir, Right this way sir, After you..

We go into his office, he shows me where to sign, I sign, he takes it turns around in his chair, puts it away while he is telling me it will be overnighted to Penfed the next day while he around I put my phone up as soon as he turn in the chair, Click makes a snap shot sound and everything

I get up with a smile and start to walk out

Him - "Did you just take a picture of me????"
Me- "YUP" with a sinister smile
Him - "You know thats illegal"
Me - "No Its Not"
Him - "Want to make a bet"
Me - "Yea"
Him - "This is private property, its very different than a public place, call you buddy right now
Me - "I dont have any buddies"
Him - "If you get in a accident here..... Im gonna call the police"
Me - "If I get in a accident here your gonna call the police???"
Him - "Delete my picture right now or Im calling the police"
Me - "You want me to delete it???"
Him - "YES"
Me - "Ok, here Ill show you"

Pull out my phone, stand sideways and hold it up for him to see, pull it up and say

"Aww look at that face, DELETE"

I look back at him staring into his eyes with a sinister smile and nod and turn and start to walk out slowly as I say have a good one, I do a half turn around again as I'm walking away and just look at him with the same smile and go outside, the look on the faces of the 2 sales guys in there who i have met before is priceless !

I get in my car and call my wife to tell her what I did while Im looking into the building in his direction, I start her up, cirlce the parking lot VERY slowly, and stop again in front of the doors, and look over at him for about 15 seconds while on the phone, and then I drive off very slowly

And for those who dont know ITS NOT ILLEGAL, Private or Public, I cannot get in trouble for it, The most they can do is ask me not to do it, and If I dont stop, ask me to leave

I wonder how he slept last night?
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That's how those finance guys get paid...by selling all those worthless add-ons. Every dealership's finance department I have ever been in has put the hard sell on the paint protection and scotchguard. I just refuse. It's not worth getting mad over. Dude did sound like a douche though.

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Originally Posted by Hicompression View Post
That's how those finance guys get paid...by selling all those worthless add-ons. Every dealership's finance department I have ever been in has put the hard sell on the paint protection and scotchguard. I just refuse. It's not worth getting mad over. Dude did sound like a douche though.
Yea and after refusing he decided to talk down to me and be disrespectful, sales manager who I have spoken to many times and knows me pretty well couldn't believe he talked to me like that

If you think this guy should be fired or you will never do business with this dealership solely because of this guy please post and I will forward it to the owner.
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Besides the fact that I would never do business with this company for that kind of treatment.....fire him? No...downgrade him to a floor sweeper and let him quit haha
Me, I would have walked out and told the salesman (in my case a friend of mine) to keep the car because I don't deserve to be treated like this and will not stand for it. Go somewhere else and order another from someone who will treat you with respect.

needs no explanation

IN MY HANDS 10-7-2009!!!
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Nice work, I applaud you for dealing with "that" type of seller. Just a fleeting guess, he's been in hard sell jobs before, it meant nothing to him until you took his pic, which, by the way, was not illiegal as far as I can see. Whenever you go in to have regular service done, stop by and see him, say "whats up" and give him that "I know what you did" look, then just walk away, he'll freak out every time

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The way I would have handled it the minute I felt like this guy was showing his ass, would be to ask for the sales manager (or general manager) to come and observe how the finance manager was handling the situation because you just want to be treated fairly. With the sales manager there, I'd bet dimes to donuts his ass wouldn't have been showing.

OR, I'd have cut off Mr. Ass Clown and headed straight for the owner's/head cheese's office and tell them you'll be back when the ass clown learns how to treat customers. I guarantee you someone would make sure your buying experience turned pleasant after that. Ass clowns always work for SOMEBODY. Find that somebody and tell them about it. You don't have to be a dick just because they choose to be. But you don't have to take any abuse either. They forget YOU'RE the reason they're still in business.

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was dumb on camaro5, and its still dumb on here.
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Great story......that finance guy seems like a tird.

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LMAO good for you!!!! My finance guy was super nice and efficient, thank God. You got him thinking that's for **** sure!

<3 Mine:2LT IOM CGM rally stripes sunroof <3
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