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Throttle booster problems?

Just out of curiosity how many people have had throttle booster problems ever since their 2010 Chevy Camaro. And "Engine power reduced" sign comes on and when it does, it's not covered under warranty even though it under the manual it is under engine power, therefore had to pay out-of-pocket to either get a new one or get that one fixed.

Because I believe it to be an engine problem because it is listed under engine power under the manual and that the diagnostic test to be taken so that the dealership might be able to work on the engine problem regarding throttle booster, I believe should be free until the power train warranty runs out. The warranty for the engine not the factory warranty. Instead of charging the owners $150 to get it diagnosed maybe they should include it in their warranty package since that is the only way that the dealership will work on a person's car is if they get it diagnosed through the dealership only therefore if that is the only way for us to get any assistance regarding possibly I warranty then it should be included and not Paid for by the owner.

And you want to hear something really really mind blowing..,
I'm asking about the throttle booster because obviously there is a problem with it over the years that they've been making the new Camaro. I have searched many blogs and many websites and I have finally concluded that the problem I am having is cause a throttle booster because most of the Camaro owners that I read about also incurred the same problem with the same message. So the GM company and they're also geniuses decided that instead of addressing and fixing this issue they would include it in the owners manual as a power so the GM company and they're also geniuses decided that instead of addressing and fixing this issue they would include it in the owners manual. So if you go under engine power in The Camaro manual it will clearly state that if your car shows a sign that says engine power reduced then these are the correct steps to take so that you can safely get off the road I get to your destination and then take it to a dealership to get it serviced.

WTF!! Are you kidding me obviously than you guys know there's an issue but yet instead of fixing it you guys rather what the owners to go and pay out of their pocket so then they can fix it when obviously it's a problem that's been ongoing with their cars for years.

So I just want to know how many people actually who are Camaro owners have had this issue and I've had this problem and have not been helped by the dealership because I think that the dealership should be held liable for a faulty compartment or part, that will cause problems within two years of the cars lifespan and is not covered under the powertrain warranty even though it is actually part of the engine because without it the car would not accelerate correctly. Or so I think that hope it is correct.

I also see that a bunch of you Camaro owners have went out and bought yourself another better model of it and then there was not any warranty coverage because you went out and decided to buy your own. And I was wondering what was the reason for the purchase of the throttle booster was it because the one that came stock in your car happen to get damaged or because you just wanted a better one than the car came with because you knew that it was going to cause you problems later on ?

Hope I get some feedback.
Are used to love my Camaro until all these issues because my Camaro has literally died on me while the engine was on. I mean like as I was driving or reversing the whole car just completely went black and there was no sign of life in my car. And Did this to me at least three times and reduce the power on me at least three times while I was on the freeway twice and once on the street but luckily I drive at night time so there's not that many cars because if there were, I wouldn't doubt there would have been a collision because my power got reduced dramatically going 70 mph to about 40-50mph on the freeway can cause some major accidents and harm.

If this is your has been ongoing since 2010 when the new body for the Camaro was introduced then I feel like they have been neglectful to this issue and disregarded our safety and most likely blatantly lied about the engine fully being covered under the warranty just to make the sale like they probably did with you which they did with me because I believed that the whole engine was covered but it wasn't unfortunately as I come to find out
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If you mean a throttle booster as in one of those Vitesse Throttle Controllers or Pedal Max etc...then yea they are known to sometimes cause problems with the ECU. Sometimes it throws the readings haywire and the engine goes into "Reduced Power Mode" because it cannot correctly read throttle input or tell where the pedal actually is. If you have one of those throttle controllers and you go into limp mode, then simply remove it and the engine will operate normally although the CEL will remain until it is cleared. If it happens on a continual basis then you should just remove the controller completely and don't use it again. It is either defective or your ECU won't play nice with it. Either way it is not worth the fix and hassle.

As far as the warranty, if that is indeed the issue the dealership will not honor a warranty. Because technically it isn't the engine, it is the throttle body, ECU, and controller all having miscommunications. The ECU throws the engine into limp mode simply to save you...since it can tell where the pedal actually is, the ECU is protecting you and everyone around you from disaster. If it can't tell where the pedal is, then you could be lightly tapping the gas and it'll think you're flooring it which would be bad in traffic or a crowded street. So it goes limp out of safety. But again, it isn't the engine, it is the other factors i mentioned.

What I would recommend is getting a cheap scan tool. You can get them for like $150 for some really good ones. And they will save you a lot of trouble in the future. If you do have a throttle controller on then remove it to be safe. If it isn't a throttle controller then it is up to the mechanic to figure it out. It could be the electronics in the throttle body going bad or maybe the ECU is corrupt somehow. It could be a number of things. Keep us updated on how it works out. And we're always here to help. Sometimes we're a little slow to reply but we are here. I and others will help you along the way. I'll check back daily to see any updates.

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