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Originally Posted by 83Hokie View Post
I'm starting my Christmas list ... anything I need to know on certain bulbs being legal in Virginia? Also, is it my imagination or do the 8000K have a more "blue" tint than compared to the 6000K in the pictures? Likewise, the 3000K appear "yellow"? Is that characteristic of the 8000K? For comparison purposes, which of the four are closest to OEM? and what would the OEM be rated?
Our stock HID's are 4300k. This is the purest/whitest light there is for night driving. As you go to either side of the range vision will suffer. Will you notice it? Dunno. I have seen/driven 6000k lights and during the day they are more noticeable from outside the car as they have a blue-ish tint to them, but at night I didn't see as well driving vs my car with the stock 4300k lights. The output light was "softer" and seemed to "fade" at distance... YRMV

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