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Yes thats right there are differences between the stateside models and the export models but only the lights and the Tach-Gauges.
Right hand drive is england
Few minutes ago I talked with an importeur on the phone, he meant that it no problem last with the TV guidelines.
(with the Mustang or Challenger it was the same - the cars are not offizial build for the european market and for the importeurs or european buyers was the same problems in the beginning)
There is a special arrangement if still no change of sentences exesist and 2009 gives it still no conversion kits for the Camaro ,
the euro version only 2010 appears there. The problem is only with the lighting and the KM/H Gauges in the Tacho/speedo . But there are possibilities and ways that to get. An big point for me is - i dont like the amber rear lights in the back, and so is an way to become an special arrangement to become the car registred with the red ones
Little modifikations are possible- but , better than waiting one more jear. And the pricing in USA is cheaper then later here in Germany i have here the Price is around 45,000. for an 1SS that are 61,100 dollar for an 1SS
If i import 1SS for around 34,000 dollar with shipping and all it cost me maximal 40,000 so i saved around 5000 or more if i can make an selfe-import , but that is not so easy with all the rules and papierwork (have no plan about this)
so you can see here in germany nothing is cheap, and for me its better to buy in US- so i think

regards Blacky

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