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Originally Posted by Blacky View Post
Yes.. if i cant find an monay -hungry imorteur, i will fly to the us or kanada and make an selfe import. this is my second idea.

But for now i will wait after the february, and the first Camaros come to the dealers.
With that prices her ,i think not many Camaros will be sold here in Germany,
(GM Europe and Opel are not good with her Finance at this time)
so i hope is the prices will go down. I realy want to sell an Camaro, but for this first price i cant, ist really to much monay i can buy an apartment for that monay hahahahaha . Ok its an New Car but i cant understand this, so many Jobs in the Car industry will closed olso here in Germany and the prices ars so high. But really i think it comes from the Importeurs, they want to make the big deals here.

best regards

drives on water ???!!???
I lived in germany for 2 years. It will NOT be cheaper to buy stateside, ship pass customs and duty, then VAT, then convert it to EU standards.
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