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As Pontiac factory closes, workers try to keep heritage of 'line' alive

This year, thousands of Michigan families are losing their jobs with the Big Three automakers and their suppliers. On Tuesday alone, Pontiac Assembly Center, the last assembly line in the scrappy capital seat of Oakland County, built its last truck. It is one of seven factories that General Motors expects to close in Michigan by late next year.

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I am not going to beat around the bush...cut and dry of think buying a Toyota or Honda or whatever import nameplate built in the U.S. is not hurting but helping us??? TELL THAT TO THOSE PEOPLE!!! Sure the wrold economy plays a big part in this..BUT..
The truth is..If things get really bad Toyota and the likes have thier OWN country to go back to..Where do we go..ohh thats right..were doing it to ourselves...

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I agree Z28. It's a shame that plant had to shut down due to the reasons you stated above. My dad worked at the Pontiac plant for 14 years helping to build the LeMans, Fiero, and Silverado/Sierra before being transferred to the Fort Wayne plant, which he still works at. My Dad is lucky to have a job still. He really thought it would be his plant shutting down, not Pontiac's.
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We all know that in the 70's & early 80's that imports had issues - especially with bodies rusting out. As technology improved & advertising reached more & more people, imports got better while many American Made cars got worse in quality. The improved advertising made it so that the public was made more aware of quality issues in American cars. This, I feel, is what led to the trend of the public buying more imports.

Don't blame the public - they were just reacting to the product that was put in front of them. Granted, American cars are of a much better quality these days and it needs to be advertised this way in order to turn the trend around. I have never owned an import, but people need to quit griping about how the American public screwed over the American auto worker - how about blaming the American engineers who designed & made the low quality vehicles for so many years, causing the American consumer to look elsewhere for a good car?
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No I do classic...main reason this is not 1980..heck not even 1990..this is almost 2010..and people have that impression in thier mind.

They wont even think about detroit..they just automatically go to the imports. In thier mind all detroit builds are gas guzzling trucks and SUV's.

I read the articles about cars and when the replies or responses colums are on the bottom I read them. It is shocking the things people write. I know its a small clip of the population but how many does it have to be.

For the better part of 10 years Detoir has had some cars that not only meet the competition but beat it and yet no one knows. This country has adopted the mentality of loving to watch people and things fall apart..the media loves dirty laundry and thats all that we got from them..any small defect or detail from Detroit it was 5 oclock news to them..they unfairly kicked them till they were forced...YES FORCED..into BK. The media and the public did run detroit into the ground why? Our social makeup did it.

I am the car guy of my group of friends..and now they know american car guy. But they would ask what I thought about certain cars. And no I dont just say they are import crap as they are not, I give the pros and cons and usually say you check out this car too???.and now more than ever they ask why??. I tell them well I know its just as good..they go against my judgement when I tell them the problems with thier "superior import" and they come back saying..I wish I listened to you..and then there was a personal story of my friend getting 11K from toyota for his 98 Tacoma as a trade in just a year ago...WONDER WHY??? 11K for a stripped down no frills beat up Tacoma..they didnt tell him but it was the rotting out sweeping a NHTSA issue under the rug by giving people fist full of cash...

So yea it is our fault since we have been thinking its 1998 for almost 20 years now and will not get our collective butts out of the cool aid and start seeing reality for what it is..our country is good as gone..

not going off on your classic but its just amazing to think that if we dont change our ways of thought now..were done for..

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Thanks - I figured I'd get blasted right off the forum for my post. What needs to be done now is intense research & statistics showing the good quality of American made cars today, then market those statistics so it's drilled into the public mindframe. Then the public wold probably spend more on American made products.

I agree that American products are just as good as imports. With cars like the Camaro, GM is showing that there is great style & value that can only be found in an American car.....
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