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SCT box tune Vs HP Tuner tune.

I was bored yesterday and did a side by side comparative between the SCT handheld unit tune and a HP Tuner tune. The tune was based on a Gen 5manual transmission with LS3 engine and similar modifications. The SCT remaps pretty much most of the same areas, but the depth of the dial in changes are noticable.

I understand the ease of buying a handheld unit like SCT, pressing a few buttons, having some changes, but it leaves performance options on the table.

One day, Id like to see how they set up the A6 compared to HP tuners. The
A6s have almost 200 performance tables that are changed.

Some of the DTC set ups were also differant on how and if they report error. Nothing crazy, just differant.

IMHO, Its like getting a mail order tune. Kind of general, but works.

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Right now I am on the fence with these two units. I have a LS3 with ARH lt headers with high flow cats and 3" x-pipe, new era otr intake and Borla s-type axle back. In the future I plan on installing a cam and maybe a Maggie.

In the long run, which makes more sense to get value or horse power wise? I'm not racing my car, but just want some good street manners. If I go with the SCT can I get a custom mail order tune from you?

Just a note, I live in the Cayman Islands and we don't have a dyno or a tuner here on island


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Camaro corvette tuner tampa tuning

There is some additional tuning from the SCT and diablo systems, but with HP tuner the depth and options of tuning is far far better.

Spend the couple extra bucks now and don't limit yourself with the hand held units.

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true... there is additional tuning available with the diablo predator/trinity... Diablo's CMR tuning software is like hp tuners... and you can get custom tunes done for the predator/trinity, tailored specifically for your vehicle... you import/export tune files to/from the predator or trinity, and then hook up the predator/trinity to your vehicle and install the custom tune...
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Other than saving a couple bucks upfront with hand held units, Id rather have the best tuning option (HPT or EFI) in front and quickly make important air fuel measurements with a wideband instead of trying to scan and mail a unit back and further or importing and exporting files hoping it's right. There's really no comparing the software programs. I respect its a product you sell as a tuning option, but I've seen the side by side dynos between a hand held unit and HP Tuner and there is a large differance between the performance numbers and reaction of the vehicle.

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yep, absolutely... I'm not saying a handheld is any comparison to a full tuning software suite... hell, my custom tunes I do with diablo's CMR tuning software for people's vehicles and their predator/trinity, are no comparison to the canned preset tunes that come on them, haha...

but for a lot of people, a full tuning software suite can be overwhelming, and a big learning curve - that a lot of people don't want to deal with or take the time learning... and if they only have minimal mods, a handheld may be a more viable option for them...

and they can still make adjustments themselves if they want, once they get into data logging, and not have to worry about totally screwing something up or blowing an engine...

and if they get into it and it's still intimidating for them (have come across some myself that didn't even want to make small changes themselves using the tool, hehe), they have the option of getting a custom tune done for them by a competent tuner that DOES know what they're doing, thus all they have to worry about is importing a tune file to the tool and then just installing it to the vehicle...

a full tuning software suite is not for everyone, hehe... they both have their places though...

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Other than leaving 25 RWHP on the table from two bolt ons 2010 camaro which were compared. Here's what an independent sight wrote about tuning units.

HANDHELDS: compared to the other tuning devices, this is the TPI of GM’s small blocks…..they’re good up to a point, but drop off hard after a certain point.

If you don’t plan on heavily modding your car then you may wanna get this. Its better suited for A4’s since you can firm up shift point. Not much for m6’s. A few of the things this can do is:
· Increase shifting pressure
· Adjust speedometer if you’ve changed your gears
· Adjust the fan settings
Just to name a few

This is the ideal handheld as it allows for more parameters to be modified. A great upgrade from the HPP3! It can do all the same things the HPP3 can as well as:
· Adjust timing and fuel curve
· Adjust MAF tables
· Delete rear o2’s
· Read and clear DTC’s
· Delete C.A.G.S for M6’s
· You can also download a few select tunes from the Diablo website on top of this.

Ideal for mildly- heavily modified vehicles.

The first of the tuning software packages for the LS1’s. Used to be the ideal way to tune. Has now incorporated a built in scanner as opposed to having to be used in conjunction with EFI to aid in tuning. This software is VIN specific. Most tuners that use this lock the PCM. Buying this is like getting a LT1 instead of a LS1….. why go backwards when you have the option of moving forward

It has a great built-in scanner that allows you to monitor a wide amount of PID’s. Flashing and reading the computer is so much faster compared to Edit. You are allowed to vehicle years/models for the cost of edit. They offer free updates for life.
A great decision for the person who wants to be his own tuner! V2.0.x for the most part has eliminated the need for any spreadsheets. You will need to be on a dyno or have a wideband installed to tune the WOT.

EFILive Flashscan:

Right up there with Hptuners, has vin locked licensing but upgrades to custom 1,2 & near 3 bar SD Operating systems are free with the commercial license. Has always offered free updates for life. Allows for kickass customization of your scanner. Eliminates the need for excel sheets.


A low cost licensing scheme with no vin locking is the backbone of this program not to mention they've been around for years offering tuning solutions from chip based 80's vehicles right through 04 LS1 powered GTO's. Their scanner is still in beta but has analog inputs for a wideband. If youve used other tuning programs in the past and don't need much help this might be the choice for you.

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