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Drag Car kills 6 bystanders in Selmer,


"Critchley lost control of the dragster Saturday during a "burnout exhibition" at a Cars for Kids charity event in Selmer, a small town about 80 miles east of Memphis.
The burnout, with the powerful car spinning its wheels and sending up clouds of smoke, was staged on a city street with no protective barriers between the dragster and hundreds of spectators lining both sides of the road.
Six spectators, ages 15 to 22, were killed and at least 23 other people were injured, many seriously.
Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash and no criminal charges have been filed. "


They try to make this guy out as if he was drunk during the burnout but I don't think there is any evidence though.

I can't believe they did this on a street without a gaurd rail or anything. Crazy. That car was flying.

It was a charity event for kids.

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yea, i saw this on tv all yesterday. no person in their right mind would drive one of those drunk or anything. out of like 15 people it is to crew the team, no one will let someone drive that drunk. i hate how news always puts a "drunken" or whatever to attract watchers. dont think the state will be fined or anything for not puttin cement barriers down the street. especially for a 2000 horsepower car or so....

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Yeah I think someone is going to get sued over it.
I would not have trusted myself with all those people on the side of the road and there life in my hands like that. But I still think its not his fault, its not like he was not doing what he was "suposed to do". I do think it was not well thought out by who ever allowed the event to happen without safety precautions.

Side note: This car has ran ET 6.186 MPH 228.04

Here is some more info:

"SELMER, Tenn. (June 18, 2007) "The entire AMS Racing Team is in deep mourning over the losses and pain suffered this weekend. Our thoughts and prayers are with the individuals and their families during this difficult time. We are shocked and deeply saddened by this tragic accident, which is compounded by the fact that it occurred during a charitable event designed to raise money for disabled children. We offer our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the individuals that were injured or perished in the accident," team spokesman William Reid said Monday.
The team was asked to attend a charity event in Selmer, Tenn. to help raise money for the Cars For Kids charity and was told the organization had staged a charity car show for the past 18 years in which the drivers performed burnouts. The team sent its racing team to the event to display two racing cars -- a '93 Corvette and a '57 Chevy - and planned to have each vehicle perform an exhibition burnout.
A burnout is a demonstration in which the driver spins the tires to create smoke and noise to demonstrate the ability of the car. The driver involved in the accident, Troy Critchley, is an experienced professional driver who had performed more than a 1,000 exhibition burnouts without incident prior to Saturday.
The team arrived in Selmer on Friday June 15, 2007. On Saturday the team displayed two cars for the public to view, and, after displaying the cars, the crew was instructed to line up with other cars participating in the event. After the parade was completed, Selmer Police Officers blocked off the highway for the cars to perform the burnouts. The team understands that the Selmer Police Chief, Neal Burks, was present and in charge of crowd placement and blocking off the street.
The drivers understood that the roadway had been inspected and approved for the burnout exhibition. Before Mr. Critchley began the exhibition, two Selmer police cars traveled down the left and right of the roadway and instructed the crowd to move back. Mr. Critchley was signaled to start and he began to perform the burnout. After a straight start, the car skidded off the road. Mr. Critchley did everything humanly possible to keep the car on the road, but unfortunately, there was nothing he could do.
Mr. Critchley was taken to the Emergency Room and treated for injuries he sustained in the accident. He voluntarily submitted blood for testing to the Tennessee Highway Patrol and it was confirmed he had no alcohol or drugs in his system. The entire crew remained in Selmer on Sunday, June 17 to cooperate and provide information to Tennessee State authorities investigating the accident.
The team has agreed for the involved car to remain in the possession of the Tennessee Highway Patrol for examination. Mr. Critchley was not arrested nor has he been given any indication he will be charged with a criminal offense. The team is cooperating with the State of Tennessee and is currently investigating a number of factors that may have contributed to the accident including crowd control, safety precautions and the preparation and condition of the roadway. "

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I saw that as well.
**** stupid IMO - that is the very reason most towns don't allow burnout contests on the street or any activity like that... So Sad

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Tragic outcome.

With a car like that you gotta be a complete MORON to do something like that on a street!

Driver should go to jail IMO.

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I think this went bad in so many ways.

Why would the city officials and the sheriff and police let something happen like this. The sheriff was resposible for crowd placement and made an very bad judgement in letting this take place knowing exactly what the driver was doing. I mean you know from the start of the video that this is stupid, I mean its like "heres your sign" type of thing. Same thing for the driver too, but you know it is just so crazy that the fact that its not just something he decided to do out of the blue (doing the huge burnout) ,it is something that the officials know he was doing before he even got there and did not take precations with a saftey rail or anything at all. A driver with that much experience should have known better than to do that. I mean he knows what can happen. Its not like he just didn't know any better. He had to know it was a huge risk. I just am in disbelieve that with all the people involved in setting this thing up and with 60k people expected to show up for the event that someone would have had a light bulb come on in there head and say "wait a minute, this is a BAD idea". It just shows the unprofessionalness of all involved with the event. I don't see why the driver should go to jail though. Even though he was stupid. He had permission from the Sheriff to do the massive burnout. It just don't make any sense at all that these people had to lose there lives for no reason. You expect to be safe from things like this on a public street. You expect the police department not to make decisions like this. I could not imagine going to a parade and seeing any car doing a burnout without precautions being taken, muchless a 2000hp car doing a full blown burnout.

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Yep saw that Selmer is like 30 minutes from my house. Wasn't there but I have before and they have done that several times for years. After doing it so many times he probably thought it was going to just turn out like before. Tragic.

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I Have An Idea! Lets Line People Up On the Side Of A Highway and Let a 6 second car do a burnout!!!!!! And If Thats Not Awesome Enough Lets Just Make It15-22 Year Old Kids With No Precautions!!!.... I Mean Who Made That Though And What Makes An Eltected Official (The Sheriff) a Drag Car Expert Or Saftey Expert?
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Originally Posted by OctaneZ28 View Post
Driver should go to jail IMO.
i disagree, yeah it was stupid, but the idea was for a good cause, i and little events like this arent always set up in the safest fashion, so its not all the drivers fault.

but yeah it was stupid taking a car the powerfull to an event such as that.

either way, a very tragic event
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From what I understand he didn't ask to do the burnout he was asked to do it, remember this is an annual event and they have the burnout thing everytime. It just got a little haywire and things went out of control. I think he actually did a good job of trying to keep control of it. He couldn't just let it hook when it started going sideways or he woulda been in the crowd for sure if it hooked while the front wasn't headed straight. You can't just stop a pro mod when things go a little awry 2k+ HP is not going to stop if the tires woulda grabbed while he was sideways hell they go halfway down the track when they let up while burning out to warm the tires up.

2000 Red 1SC Z28 A4 - dead for now
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