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This girl is a PSYHCO!

So I've been talking to this girl for about a month. Her names Megan... she's 18. Very sweet girl like 5'5, dark brown hair, super cute, thin, nice chest, all that. She lives about 20 minutes away from me, and she has this dance thing she's always in so I've only got to see her once, but we texted a lot and talked on the phone a few times a week. Things were going great, we had plans to see each other a few times over the holidays and get to know each other face to face or whatever.

So on Friday, she tells me her and her best friend have found me a Christmas gift, which I thought was really sweet, but I wasn't expecting it, and now I have to get her one, which wasn't really too bad. But here's my ordeal, I have met her once... buying her a Christmas gift already? So I thought whatever, I'll just get her some really cheap earings or a necklace with a small diamond or whatever... I didn't want to spend more than $30-40, and even that was too much.

So I am friends with one of her girlfriends and I asked her girlfriend what she might like for Christmas, and there was one thing that she really wanted. It was a "Tiffany's Keys" necklace. They are very expensive, some over $1,000. I thought it was ridiculous that her friend was even suggesting that. But then her friend tells me that she loves one of the necklaces that is ONLY $50. So, I figured I'd splurge a little bit because I really like this girl. So I texted her and told her she was really going to like the gift I was getting her and she guessed it was that necklace. So I go to the website to order it, and to my suprise I find that the chain the necklace goes on is $50, the key that hangs on the necklace is $125... so $175. I told myself that was WAYYYY to much to spend on a girl that I hardly know and I told Megan that she would like the gift, but it wouldn't be that necklace. So Megan tells me if I got it she would probably cry and love me forever, all that bullsh*t, and that she had wanted one since she was 14. I told her I just couldn't bring myself to do it, any sane person would understand, but she got upset!!! She told me that if I didn't buy it for her, that her ex boyfriend (who is stalking her) would gladly buy it for her to win her back (her ex boyfriend was abusive and a daddy's boy, daddy gives him all his money, even bought him an '08 Z06). I was like "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" She was serious! How f'd up is that? I told her if she was my girlfriend, and we had been dating for awhile, I'd probably get one, you know suprise her with one, but I can't bring myself to buy her a $175 necklace after meeting her once. She responded to that with a "Whatever" and told me she was watching Gossip Girl and to leave her be. So I did. When she texts me tomorrow I won't be texting back.

What a (beep). ****, she was hot though...

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the whole situation sucks but... STAY AWAY and ull be fine

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What her number is?...

Just playing of course.

Good man though, laid down the law.
Said girl best make me a sammich for I hand over the jewelry. She didn't deliver, no jewelry. Its how things should be.
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Originally Posted by odoylerulez55 View Post
STAY AWAY and ull be fine
Harder said than done

Part of me just wanted to get that necklace, I might have had a long night () but I probably would have never heard from her again after that lol. It's so wierd because she was so thoughtful and great for the whole month and then tonight she showed me a side that I never thought I'd see from her! Probably because she's used to getting her way. I've been used to much to fall into the trap of giving them jewelery without hardly knowing them lol. On the brightside, I have $175 more to put into my Camaro

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shes a gold digger and only going to be problems...ill be honest most gorgous woman are only hot on the outside and total wack jobs on the inside, if she really liked you for you she wouldnt be expecting anything....Run dont walk away.

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Originally Posted by sdoomxz View Post
shes a gold digger and only going to be problems.......Run dont walk away.
X2 if she expects a 175$ gift this early wait until you get some time in you'll be having to buy $1000+ gifts every holiday and every 6 month anniversary. Go to give her an engagement ring and unless she see's the price is close to 5K she'll probably use the "my ex-would get it for me" line. I would have told her, well call him up.

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Good points. You guys want to hear something really funny? She didn't even know what a Camaro was before I had met her! Lol. An 18 year old American that doesn't know the name "Camaro"... that is VERY sad. Granted she is not a car girl in the least, but still, how do you not know that name?!

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she prolly woould spell it camero tpp

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Is she in HS because she sounds like it.

I knew a girl that was baby sitting a few streets over. In my neighborhood they don't pave the roads so we took my car out for some snow drifts and we passed the house a couple times. A few moments later she's calling me to stay the F away from her and her BF was outside trying to fight us lol.

Chicks are crazy, move on bro.
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If anything you buy an inexpensive gift first and if you start dating then you go up in price for a gift.... Good job for no letting her walk over you

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