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Close Call

Returned for Myrtle Beach today. Well started home yesterday but got caught in that big storm going through Tenn. and KY.. This was the first bad driving expereance that I have had with my Camaro.

Heading North on I75, keeping up with traffic, I have this nice new Ford Explorer pass me in the left lane next to the wall. Next thing I see is this Explorer sliding sideways, and hitting the wall while doing a 360.Ford parts flying everywhere. My first reaction is hit the brake's, try to avoid all the debris. Well maybe not the right thing to do or maybe something not working right with my ABS but my brakes locked up putting my Camaro sideways. I know that we are not to talk religion but somebody was at my side.

Got it straight, avoided hitting any debris, pulled over to the wall and checked on the Exporer. This thing hit the wall so hard the gas tank came off. Opening the door I just knew that it was not going to be pretty. Opened the door and an older man and his wife are ok, no blood. But what struck me is the air bag did not deploy.

Anyway, back to the Camaro. Was it the ABS? Are these tires not the best in wet weather? I don't know. My wife and I had such a good trip in this car that we will be taking it on long trips from now on but I need to know if I should change tire's.I will be taking it in to the dealer to check the brakes. Anyone else have a wet weather experience?
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Did the Explorer have KY plates? KY drivers can not drive worth a crap in bad weather. They either crawl or drive like madmen. Had a Chevy Silverado swerve through traffic in front of me without any lights on during a massive down pour this morning.

With the brakes locking the car could have been hydroplaning and as far as the ABS was concerned you were stopped.

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i had to take my car home in a downpour a couple days ago and i can tell you that the tires did not handle the rain well at all

took everything in me to keep the car going in straight line and not wanting to hydroplane down the road

i think luwinkle is correct in stating that you were indeed hydroplaning. for peace of mind have the dealer check it out anyways

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Glad you made it out ok no worse feeling then having no control

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Originally Posted by bamaproshop View Post
Glad you made it out ok no worse feeling then having no control

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Glad you made it through ok!

Honestly, at that level of bad weather, I don't think any tire would help much.
Granted, an all season may have performed a bit better than the summer tires on the Camaro, but it's hard to say.

I wouldn't change tires for that.

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the worst thing to do on wet roads at highway speeds is slam on the brakes. ABS or not. the pirelli's actually have good wet traction, but if you lock up the brakes, there is less friction between you and the road with water on the ground so the abs thinks your stopped.

although it was just a split second reaction, i would have done the same thing.

i hear the best thing to do is avoid being close to those kinds of people, when the weather is bad and i see people drive crazy, i slow down until they are a good 10-15 seconds ahead so when i see them swerve into the ditch i can slowly and safely slow down to point and laugh at them when they get out of the car and facepalm themselves.

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Originally Posted by Trott View Post
This thing hit the wall so hard the gas tank came off. Opening the door I just knew that it was not going to be pretty. Opened the door and an older man and his wife are ok, no blood. But what struck me is the air bag did not deploy.
I hit a guard rail going 55 in mine in black ice, they didn't go off and I spun 180 into a snow bank; oddly the vehicle shut down for safety reasons when I finally realized what had happened. Suffice it to say they built them better (so to speak) in the early 00's because mine only needed a frame tip repair and a whole new front fascia, lights, brackets, bumper, grille. Smacked dead on the nose as I slid sideways and almost was taken out by a truck.

Damage stopped short of the radiator, Fenders, and hood on the front end. Hood was actually bent but Ford was lazy and just adjusted the little adjustment screws to offset the slant. One is 2 inches higher than the other. <_<

Support peoples.. $9 bucks. Timmy needs to get that wheelchair into the 10s!

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Glad you are ok!

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Drove this car for 3 weeks around the US, rain, snow, all of it. I don't think there is anything wrong with your tires, as far as the ABS goes I agree with everyone else, probbably a little hydroplane. When the rain is really comming down this car will be fine on the straight line, but try to avoid close following or quick manuvers. In snow, don't go over 40mph, just like my '87 it turns into a sled right quick. Glad you came out of it unscathed.

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