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Angry I help defend the V6er's using honest debate principles and I get banned. lol!

I'm not sure if any of you are aware, but I was recently banned on the other 5th gen Camaro forum because I took it upon myself to stand up for the V6er's. I was accused of "stirring up the pot" so to speak on the LS3 versus V6 and other V8's debate. I didn't even know there was a pot to stir. lol!

I did not attack or flame anyone personally who owned a V8. Yet, I was called names, my Camaro V6 was insulted and I was even threatened, by an obvious troll poster, to take to a back alley. lol! It was freaking hilarious!

It seems most of animosity directed against me was from primarily LS3 owners. So, when I explained to them, using legit debate tactics, that their engine is a relatively low tech pushrod engine compared to the V8's today including both the V6 and the new LT1, all heck broke loose.

The thing that gets me is that I am an active member of two other sites that encourage spirited debates and discussions as long as it sticks to the topic without personal attacks or using catch all words like "better" without explaining them. I guess this other 5th gen Camaro site does not encourage spirited discussion and encourages V8 owners to disrespect and insult V6 owners. They even do this to the automatic L99 owners as well. It makes me wonder if the site administrator, by the name of Tran, and his moderator cohorts have LS3's and do not like anyone saying anything negative about their "oh so special" LS3's.

As for the other members, why are these LS3 owners so defensive? Do they have their egos completely tied up in their cars or something? I know as performance cars go, the Camaro V6 is not as powerful as the V8 Camaro, but why is this outright resentment directed towards the same model car owner? I could see if they had this attitude against Mustang owners who are a direct competitor to them.

As far as engines go, the 323hp LFX and the new 335hp LGX are pretty stout for what they are and offer incredible performance for their class. I bought the Camaro V6 for the blend of performance, handling, balance, styling and most importantly, the value I got for my money. I tried to explain this to the "LS3" members on that site, but it was like was talking to a brick wall or something.

I'm usually pretty good at keeping the topics on point and debating the issues without getting into baseless and worthless subjective terms like, "well, they are just 'better' that's why".

I'm more than convinced now that this Tran guy, who is the administrator at this site, and his group of moderators can not stand any discussion or post that encourages spirited debate about their LS3's. Furthermore, if you happen to own a V6 or a lesser V8 like the automatic L99, be prepared for getting insulted by them and ultimately banned if you start a spirited discussion about your powertrain, even if it's actually superior like the new LT1, against the LS3.

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bwahhhhh ... that is hilarious (and I am not making fun of you) ... we know exactly where you are talking about and it is another story of being kicked from there for a stupid reason ... with that, we welcome your discussions here ... we have a pretty good mix and no one seems to downplay the V6's or anyone else ... we get some pretty spirited discussions now and then but are also pretty civil in having them work out even if it is agree to disagree ... welcome to and enjoy your month away from over there and feel free to make this a new home.

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Thanks. It was pretty entertaining while it lasted. lol! Too bad Tran and his moderators eliminated many of the posts in a few threads. There was some good discussion going on which I think would be good for website traffic. You know, just warn people to stay on topic, but keep the general discussion going. Oh well...

On a serious note though, does this same mentality exist in the local Camaro club scene?

The reason I ask is because when bought my car, the salesman who did the sale suggested that I get involved in the local Camaro club. However, if the V6er's get looked down upon, I'd rather not get involved.

2015 Camaro 1LS M6, Summit White, Husky front rock guards, GM ZL1 rear rock guards, ZL1 style blade rear spoiler, OEM fog lights, rear floor mats, 91-octane.
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I had a 13 LT1 vert at first and thoroughly enjoyed driving it. I have sold it and now have a 12 2SS/RS vert which I also enjoy driving. Your point about the LS3 guys is pretty much a given in most clubs. Not all, but most. Sure I could drive an LS3, but I have a wife that enjoys the Camaro also and by far prefers the auto to the manual. Mine is no "Garage Queen", it's a DD and the tops down as often as the weather allows. If you enjoy it, no one else's opinion matters!
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Unfortunately that is how it goes in life. Pretty much with everything. From cars to cell phones to beer to you-name-it. People are a$$holes.... Sure there are good folks like those that hang out here!

But in this day and age you gotta have a thick skin and move on. Even though you may have a valid argument/position....As previously stated, if you like it and it works for you, it shouldn't matter to you what others think.

I personally don't care one bit that I have a "low tech" 2-valve, push rod engine. In fact, I LOVE IT that I do! It is a heritage thing for me. Reminds me of when I was a kid and learning to wrench and understand the inner workings of cars/bikes and the journey it has taken me on in my life....

Same goes for having an A6. The bullsh1t stops when the green light drops and while others are struggling to get their best starts/shifts done to keep up, I just haul-a$$ away using my lightning quick shifts...

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That's pretty typical response from over there....I used to be sort of active but don't bother posting to any of the discussions anymore. Got tired of getting berated for honest opinions and observations...I still casually hit the 1LE sub-forum and classifieds and that's it.

As mentioned before, its much more civilized discussions here. Sometimes it seems a little slow, but you don't have to deal with any tossers here

I've had several different 5th Gen Camaros, a LFX and a couple of LS3 SS's, but I'm dying to take a new 6th gen LGX V6 with dual mode exhaust for a test drive.

Also, don't be discouraged from joining a local club based on what you got from a forum. I'm involved with a couple different clubs here in NC and no one gives any grief to V6 owners. Maybe a little friendly banter, but that's the extent of it.

2019 1SS/1LE

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It is unfortunate that that site has degraded to a few "bullies" running the show. Favoritism and Tran's lack of paying attention to what goes on has made it not "fun" anymore. There is this site and the BowtieV6 site for just V6'ers that do a good job and keep things civil and a good place to share with others with the same passions.

Spend your time here!
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Ignore C5, Tranny and Co. Don't go back, stay here, and enjoy.

This is a pretty good site. Not a lot of drama, and a pretty good bunch of people.

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This site is much more opened minded and we are family on

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Stay away from those yahoos on that other forum. You are welcome here no matter what is under the hood of your Camaro. I owned a 2010 2LT V6 for 55,500 miles. Awesome power for a 6 banger!!

2017 Camaro SS
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