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August Member/Car Of the Month 2013: Hotrodhoodrat



Congratulations Hotrodhoodrat! You are the August Member/Car of the Month here at

Thank you Envy & MC!

We all want to know a little more about you and your Camaro so I have a few questions for you...
Will you share with us what began your love for cars and/or the Camaro specifically?

It started with the transformers movie, but we gotta go back in time a bit.. (warp-drive-scotty, growing up I lived next to a family that raced NASCAR & DRAG racing ( MODing Pontiac's). The first one was a ‘64 Lemans/GTO and then a ‘70 GTO, clone Judge. That family took me to see my first Drag race in that ‘70 OMG.. one of the best memory's in my child-hood. I got a Camaro HotWheels that day, I remember that car to this day, it was my fav diecast car for several years.. still remember that car. Jumping forward, at age 19, I got my 1968 back in 1989 (me first car), haha.. didn't even have my drivers license at that time. She had a huge carburetor fire, burnt all the way from the front of the block to the roof, cracking the windshield and melting most of any thing that would melt on the top of the motor. I didn't get to drive her for several years after, in 1991 I finally got my license.. and finally got to drive her "yay.." lol. That car has been in my life ever since, the most funnest car I ever drove, the thrill & fun she given me.. through the years, now shes being torn down & done right way. In 1998 I bought a 1970 ( to bring back some good old memory's), at that time, my friend had her sitting for years just rotting away.. in her yard, after some care and work, I got her (‘70) working and worked on the ‘68 on the side and made her (‘68) my weekend warrior & drove the ‘70 daily.

In 2000 we found a 1967 Lemans vert that another friend had found, in a tiny lil town.. 120sh miles away , what a blast, in that vert, my family luvd that car but we fell into hardship.. and my boy (lol) jumped through the roof, trying to show off to a couple neighborhood girls (at the age of 6). So we sold her.. "heartbroken" to get rid of her, I vowed we'd get anther vert some some day. I bought some other cars along the way always keeping the passion for GM, tho..til I bought my first bran new truck, only 11 miles on her, I thought that was the end of my love for GM as they quit making & closed the last Pontiac factory shortly after ( I was heart-broken). So the 2004 Dodge Dakota was my only choice at the time, dodge offered a small V8 in its class, as all the other mid size trucks were only V6's, which at the time I didn't want/need.

Then not to much longer, yup.. the movie came out.. transformers the movie, haha. As a boy growing up watching all the cartoon's, never missing a show, I had to watch the movie, plus my boy was dying to see it too, so we went to the Edwards 21 movie house.. OMG we luvd it! Once I seen the new Vette & Camaro and fell in LUV. Sadly tho, the Vette never went into production, would have luved to have one of those, but that wasn't the end of the story, lol…far from the end. I found out shortly after GM had a vert.. lingering in the shadows... for years I went to websites checking for toys and for any news, never knowing, if it was just a myth.. well ( was told three years ago). At that time I joined a website I thought for-sure, would bring great news n' my passion for GM again. Rumors were leaking out GM was going to finally make the convertible ( "DREAM" was coming) Camaro, which brings us current LOL !! I think you all know from watching me grow here, where I left off and joined MC, add those years and here we are, at this day, I've had many struggles getting here but w/me MC family it would of never happened, thank you all!

Please share with us the story behind your 5th Gen Camaro?

I kept driving by a local dealership and GM's dealership, tho the manager never pushed, he didn't seem to see I wasn't just kicking…tho the lil dealership, was friendly. They had this lil vert, all alone, for over a month, she looked so sad, I couldn't help me self but to slow down when I drove by her, always thinking in the back of my mind, someone’s gotta get her some day soon, they had her to high.. price wise. A while back, they dropped the price several times because of the July holidays, I thought I'd never get her, because I thought my job was going to cut my hours to near nothing, just before my birthday, then out the blue my boss tells me they got me a new client and a raise to go with it. That night, we talked a bought that lil camaro…we went down and looked at her, lol…like at midnight.. she grabbed our hearts at that moment. The next day we went down to the city, to that tiny lil dealership and offered a low ball number. He told us sorry, "we'll just sale it to the GM dealer, they came by yesterday and was going to buy her" from them. So we walked away & we sat in the truck for a bit, waited to see if the guy would come back out…nope. So we waited and waited, another sales guy came walking out, I asked him, what would it take to walk away, feeling we got a good deal out of this sale, he said the right numbers, the numbers we could afford. We sat for six hours at that dealership, waiting on banks & approval.. the main guy was (, even told us he didn't think we would get to buy her, that day, the banks were not agreeing to, the main guy came back.. shortly after the sixth hour and said, here's the keys…so here she is, she’s all yours, two hours later (filling out the rest of the paperwork) we drove her home, just before me B-day... & what a birthday it was, the best birthday yet.. "yup" I ran home and posted right-away the awesome news !

How did you discover and what has kept you here?

Got the boot from another site, for "BUMPing" a thread, that was a base for the Vert owners, at the time.. was, just a rumor, tho a few god-fathers were hinting to be produced, At the time I had only a few posts (couple 100) counts and member for a few months, I guess I made some Mod's mad. I was Permanently banned from the site (til many other members got me reinstated), but right before that happened, I found a thread here, talking a bought being ban from that site, so I watched & lurked for awhile and joined. I know I'm annoying to many & for some they have marked me to avoid, but over all, every one here has opened their arms and gave me a home and smiled.. regardless if I get under their skin or make them laugh, "all I want out of life is to make people happy or help them."

What’s kept me here? Its my home.. 4-Ever (!) the members, the info, this place may be small but its got the biggest heart of any Camaro web site in the world "period" and that’s fine for me & that’s what has kept me here!

And finally, do you have anything you'd like to add to the members or anyone else reading this interview?

To all me MC friends, I LUV you all very much, OMG.. got a big list, none are in order.. Pony & Tib "Thank you (tears), you guys know why. Anna, Camaro Scotty & Eric: You all are the best GM dealers w/ Huge hearts! Octane, OC, Bama, C..Freak, JoSSh, Cuoncrs, USA1, LorcinLS1, 54", Brandon & Envy: Best Mod's & Admin ever!! Super60: you and the team are the best "THX Canada!" ACCs.., ApexC.., & CARiD : Awesome sponsors.. look forward 2 buying from you all soon! 2010 5thgen, 68 rs/ss rag.., Black10, cj7ngolf, camarochic, CajunCC, Cam62, Camarozilla, Concrete Jungle, ctinatx, Deep6, DkKnightX, HeavyWeight, Helicity, Hemlawk, highlander, hylton, el ess X, INFERO2011SS, INTIMIDAT3R, Jekyll-n-hyde, jlugo, Junkman.., LuckyMe, Mandy, MarcHill.., Marto, Mucker.., MUSSCLE, our72GTO, poohdogger, powerfreak, rabbit, ravirn, remdds, rodster56, Sharkycsi, spckatnip, Toddb, Trott, Vintage.., weland, Wyoming: Your all awesome people, this dream would of not been the same w/out all of you! Hokie, Bucky, Buzz, bucketlist, CamaroSSman, CUONCRS, CyCam1, Envy, gaman, Guapo, JWD621, Kitty, Kunk, mojave, Nancygrl, obxbill, Patroitpa, RedJewel2ss, rustyz, sdk, skuttduck, Misty: You all are the best a guy could ever have as friends, never change, Y’all ROCK! For any one I missed, sorry, I luv you all very very much too.. hehehe.. you’re all very, very, very special to me, each & every one of you!

One last thing, for those who may see this and have not joined, Welcome to the best sight in the world, take off your shoes & stay for awhile, we have the best supporters you'll ever find and you're always welcomed here!

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HotRodHoodRat, Congratulations! Very nice write up too. You are one of the reasons I still visit this site. I am really happy that you got your "vert." Enjoy her! There are some really good folks on this forum and you are one of them. You always have something nice to say to everyone.

Congratulations again.

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Congrats Bro!! Loved reading your story and its great to see you have the car of your dreams. Long over due and well deserved!!

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Congrats bro!! Nice write up. Goes to show that sometimes you just have to sit and wait a while if it is worth it!! But dang man you've had some pretty cool cars...!!

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CONGRATS Hotrod ... great write up

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Congrats! Very happy to see you finally got your convertible! I'm sure you'll take great care of her.
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Congrats on the win, could have not happened to a nicer fellow. Love the write up. By the way how did you come up with your screen name.
Again congrats. Hope your son gets to see her soon if he has not already...

Peace Out....

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Congrats you are definitely a member who stands out in a good way

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Originally Posted by CyCam1 View Post
HotRodHoodRat, Congratulations! Very nice write up too. You are one of the reasons I still visit this site. I am really happy that you got your "vert." Enjoy her! There are some really good folks on this forum and you are one of them. You always have something nice to say to everyone.

Congratulations again.
Thanks bro, always doing me best to get this party started / making people smile
Enjoying her "FROST" daily.. gotta, its been a long time coming

Originally Posted by Camaro Freak View Post
Congrats Bro!! Loved reading your story and its great to see you have the car of your dreams. Long over due and well deserved!!
Thanks bud, the Dream only as good as the people that supported me and kept doing so (your defiantly one), through the years.. THX !!

100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3

Getting way pumped up ..LOL(Never giving up !)

The all new Convertible (Born 1/11/11) !, Welcome to the Fleet !
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