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  1. Fiat, Magna, investment firm are three finalists to buy Opel:
  2. MORNING AUTO REPORT: GM to launch Bumblebee Camaro, close 42% of Canadian dealerships
  3. Merkel, other German officials to mull Opel bids
  4. MARK PHELAN: Reborn Camaro keeps sporty spirit
  5. What you're saying about the 2010 Mustang
  6. John McCormick: Detroit cars still in teens' daydreams
  7. Ex-Piston Sura files first Saturn lawsuit
  8. 90% of GM to be owned by the Union and Government
  9. GUEST COMMENTARY: Saturn's potential questioned
  10. Dealers aim to join Saturn bid
  11. President Obama hails 'historic' auto emission deal
  12. Warren mayor wants 'buy American' rules
  13. Keep it 'Made in America,' leaders, workers tell D.C.
  14. Obama gives plug for his Ford hybrid
  15. NEWS BRAKE: Tuesday, May 19:
  16. Daimler takes 10 percent stake in EV maker Tesla:
  17. Cadillac, Lexus score high in satisfaction survey:
  18. U.S. set to raise fuel-economy standard:
  19. Fiat CEO meets with leader of major Opel union
  20. Saab confirms three bidders remain
  21. Consumers Select Cadillac As Top Brand In Autopacific Study
  22. WITH PDFS: Chrysler names more suppliers it wants to keep after bankruptcy
  23. Scott Burgess: Burgess: Chevrolet Volt is quick, quiet, on schedule
  24. Obama to propose 30% cut in auto emissions by 2016
  25. VW halts merger talk with Porsche:
  26. Look for some Pontiac bargains
  27. Camaro SS: Hit the throttle and hang on!
  28. Scott Burgess: 2010 Cadillac SRX has luxury and unexpected performance
  29. Chrysler names suppliers it wants to keep working with
  30. Any GM workers?
  31. Bill Ford defends family's control of company, global strategy
  32. MARK PHELAN: Sleek and sporty, the restyled 2010 Mustang is a head-turner
  33. Less alphabet soup in Mercedes-Benz names
  34. Ratings and specs: 2010 Ford Mustang GT convertible premium
  35. UAW faces painful transformation
  36. Ready to rumble: 1969 Oldsmobile Hurt/Olds H/O 455:
  37. Redesigned Opel Astra revealed ahead of Frankfurt rollout:
  38. Transmissions are important for improving fuel economy too
  39. What will the electric car look like? Top designers weigh in:
  40. NEWS BRAKE: Tuesday, May 12:
  41. Mazda sinks into the red amid auto slump
  42. GM set to send terms of sale sheets to potential Saturn buyers
  43. Legendary Saab exec Bob Sinclair dies:
  44. UAW official slams Chrysler for plant closings
  45. Warren ramps up effort to lure GM
  46. GM’s Henderson offers a ray of hope for Sky, Solstice:
  47. Bankruptcy continues to be ‘more probable,’ GM CEO says:
  48. Report: Saab in talks with 2-3 potential buyers
  49. 'Made in America' bus tour starts in Dearborn this morning
  50. US senator annoyed by spam call about car warranty, calls for probe
  51. Chrysler Airflows to cross block at Michigan auction this summer:
  52. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says GM in 'good hands'
  53. GM’s Henderson: Look out for Chevy :
  54. A 75th birthday for the '34 Ford:
  55. GM throttles back on performance cars for 2010:
  56. Dealers launch PR campaign
  57. Daniel Howes: Commentary: General Motors can't avoid talk of bankruptcy
  58. Chevy Volt, other key GM vehicles remain on track, new product boss says:
  59. Auto recovery leader announces loan, aid programs for Michigan
  60. NEWS BRAKE: Thursday, May 7:
  61. China's Geely in bid for GM's Saab
  62. GM posts $6 billion loss, burns $10.2 billion in cash as sales fall:
  63. Camaro plant gets more work; recall issued:
  64. Saturn won't get Vue hybrid
  65. Marchionne aims for Chrysler, wants Saab
  66. Daniel Howes: Commentary: UAW, General Motors headed for a showdown
  67. Reports say Renault-Nissan, Geely interested in GM brands:
  68. Dissident creditors disclose names, hold just 4 percent of Chrysler debt
  69. NEWS BRAKE: Wednesday, May 6:
  70. GM's Henderson: Corvette's future is secure:
  71. MORNING AUTO REPORT: Chrysler won't repay loans; 'Obama bounce' in shopping?
  72. Report: GM adds shifts at Oshawa for Camaro demand
  73. Kia recalls nearly 140,000 vehicles
  74. UAW slams GM plan for depending more on imports
  75. NEWS BRAKE: Tuesday, May 5:
  76. Levin's bill would double U.S. loan program for retooling auto industry
  77. GM's sales in China
  78. Q+A: GM looks to stop shipping Saturns by the end of 2009
  79. Fiat presses Opel alliance
  80. Penske shows interest in Saturn
  81. Magna bids for a piece of GM's Opel division
  82. 2010 Chevrolet Equinox will get 32 MPG!
  83. ONE FAST CHEF: Cooking (very well) with Corvette Racing :
  84. A movable feast:
  85. American Axle loses $32.7 million in 1st quarter
  86. Ford outsold Toyota
  87. GM improves, Toyota slips as industry sales decline eases:
  88. American Axle reports $32.7M loss
  89. Fiat CEO confirms he wants alliance with Opel:
  90. Mich. lawmakers blast Obama's Chrysler plan, hedge funds
  91. 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid goes 1,445.7 miles on a tank, 81.5MPG
  92. Speedy green: Italdesign-Guiuiaro's Frazer-Nash Namir:
  93. Why Shouldn't Good Pontiacs become Good Chevys?
  94. NEWS BRAKE: Thursday, April 30:
  95. MORNING AUTO REPORT: GM's bondholders to counter for majority; Leno says bye to Ponti
  96. Nolan Finley: Detroit's entitlement culture withers a bright, blue dream
  97. Scott Burgess: Chevrolet Cobalt takes it back to basics
  98. Chrysler to file for bankruptcy, merge with Fiat, Obama announces:
  99. Cruze in control: Chevy's next compact is a huge step in the right direction:
  100. Biden: Holdouts among Chrysler debtors
  101. NEWS BRAKE: Wednesday, April 29:
  102. Obama unsure if Chrysler will meet deadline
  103. Obama praises autoworkers, says Chrysler deal uncertain
  104. Is the Vet next
  105. One-owner Model A donated to Pennsylvania museum:
  106. Largest American Axle plant will close
  107. Daniel Howes: Commentary: Federal control of General Motors is game changer
  108. American Axle plans 'significant' idling at Detroit complex
  109. American Axle to idle 'significant portions' of Detroit plant
  110. BILL MCGRAW'S MOTOR CITY JOURNAL: My 3-minute thrill in a scary Pontiac Firebird
  111. NEWS BRAKE: Tuesday, April 28:
  112. American Axle to cut Detroit jobs
  113. Opel awaits GM's word on investment plan from Canada's Magna
  114. Fiat, Magna emerge as rival bidders for Opel:
  115. Community fears fallout if Orion's Pontiac plant is targeted
  116. GM: All of Opel for sale
  117. No Pontiac, Saturn bargains yet
  118. MARK PHELAN: Let's face it: Time to let Pontiac brand go
  119. GM to seek another shared Toyota model to replace Vibe:
  120. GM’s story is an old one — even for GM (Great Article about GM)
  121. The AutoWeek list: Most significant Pontiacs ever :
  122. GM might sell all of Opel
  123. Poll: Americans favor automaker bankruptcy
  124. GT500KR vs C6 Z06
  125. Pontiac is done by end of 2010:
  126. GM to cut 21,000 US factory jobs, shed Pontiac
  127. Highlights of Pontiac's history
  128. Webcast of GM's revised viability plan 4/27/2009
  129. UAW reaches deal with Chrysler, Fiat, Obama administration
  130. GM’s story is an old one — even for GM
  131. Holden to lose $1 billion a year if GM dumps Pontiac
  132. GM says no decision yet on Pontiac
  133. General Motors to dump Pontiac
  134. GM's Pontiac not dead ? yet
  135. Fiat chief: No offer made on Opel
  136. Pontiac Statement Re: Media Speculation
  137. Good bye Pontiac
  138. Corvette revives Grand Sport name for 2010 model:
  139. GM prepares to announce Pontiac closure next week:
  140. NEWS BRAKE: Friday, April 24, 2009:
  141. Treasury lends $2B more to General Motors
  142. MORNING AUTO REPORT: Pontiac is dead; naming GM plants set for shutdown
  143. Fiat eyes Opel as Chrysler Plan B
  144. General Motors cuts to slash surplus
  145. Daniel Howes: Commentary: U.S. will blame bankers if Chrysler goes bankrupt
  146. 2010 Corvette Grand Sport returns
  147. Pontiac is DEAD
  148. Mini catches a wave with Airstream trailer concept:
  149. Fiat CEO says Chrysler deal is the top priority, but doesn't rule out Opel
  150. Ford VP expects same concessions as GM, Chrysler
  151. GM plans extended shutdowns at most U.S. plants, reports say:
  152. German official confirms Fiat interest in Opel
  153. Fiat makes bid to buy Opel:
  154. Student team has shot in fuel-efficiency event
  155. Obama says GM, Chrysler must 'build cars of the future'
  156. Canadian ambassador concerned about autos, trade
  157. Maserati North American CEO resigns:
  158. Obama's auto team seeks talks with GM bondholders
  159. A Tour of the New Chevy Camaro
  160. Detroit will be back, Schwarzenegger tells SAE conference:
  161. MARK PHELAN: GM bankruptcy by any name won't be painless
  162. UAW lobbies Obama to stand up for workers
  163. Chrysler coushin
  164. Toyota shelves A-BAT pickup concept:
  165. TOM WALSH: GM, Chrysler waiting game paralyzes area
  166. Scott Burgess: Six speeds to happiness: Pontiac G6 combines efficient engine with eff
  167. Steve Saleen sketches plans for go-fast 2010 Mustang:
  168. GM's Henderson says no decision yet on bankruptcy:
  169. America’s Steed: The iconic Mustang turns 45:
  170. GM to keep GMC, Pontiac, exec says:
  171. GM may drop Pontiac, GMC brands
  172. Phelan's corner: Dual-clutch transmission
  173. GM cuts cash for 'Transformers' ads
  174. Obama can do better in helping autos, Engler says
  175. General Motors Statement Regarding Black Oak Partners, LLC Press Release
  176. Investor group makes offer for Saturn
  177. Spyware attacks use Ford name as bait
  178. Lamborghini makes 2008 profit, cautious on outlook
  179. 325 HP V6 debuts in Vauxhall Insignia VXR
  180. Obama: GM, Chrysler must make 'unpopular choices'
  181. Daniel Howes: Commentary: Politics rule General Motors run to bankruptcy
  182. GM recalling 1.5M vehicles over potential fires
  183. Report:Decision On Pontiac's Fate May Happen in 2010; Trans-Am Could Be Revived!
  184. S&P upgrades Ford credit rating -- with a catch
  185. Chrysler-Fiat deal would spawn new look for U.S. automaker:
  186. U.S. may take loss on General Motors bankruptcy, analyst says
  187. Can General Motors' Project Puma provide a spark?
  188. NEWS BRAKE: Friday, April 10:
  189. Can’t drive 55? We go 200 mph, and you can, too--maybe:
  190. S&P cuts GM, Chrysler ratings
  191. Toyota confirms Inaba will return to North America
  192. New York auto show: Mercedes sketches out SLS details :
  193. Obama administration to buy 17,600 Big Three fuel efficient vehicles
  194. Charlie LeDuff: Selling off America's manufacturing might, a factory at a time
  195. Mercedes hints at small diesel for E-class at New York auto show:
  196. MORNING AUTO REPORT: 3 bidders remain in auction for GM's Hummer
  197. GM looks to extend sporty Zeta line
  198. Treasury launches $5-billion program for suppliers
  199. Selling off America's manufacturing might, a factory at a time
  200. NISMO 370z Released!
  201. BMW's iconic Art Cars visit New York's Grand Central Station:
  202. New York auto show: Eye-popping Ferrari 599s hit North America:
  203. JUSTIN HYDE'S NEW YORK AUTO SHOW BLOG: GMC tries to navigate the Terrain
  204. NADA picks America's top 5 cleanest cars
  205. Driving costs hold steady for 2009, AAA reports:
  206. Karmann files for insolvency :
  207. Obama team sends 15 to speed up GM's progress
  208. Big News from Buick, Pontiac, GMC at the New York Auto Show
  209. Buick Announces Pricing for the 2010 LaCrosse
  210. GM bringing direct injection technology to mainstream models:
  211. GM unveils newest direct injection engine in 2010 GMC Terrain SUV
  212. GM, Chrysler launch $5B supplier program
  213. Webchat: Discuss the 2010 GMC Terrain Today
  214. Marney Rich Keenan: Buying American cars: It's finally catching on
  215. Toyota to revamp in U.S.
  216. BMW X1 spied at Nürburgring:
  217. Chrysler transfers 450 to its Auburn Hills HQ
  218. Cadillac crossover draws bead on Lexus
  219. GM, Segway dream up 2-wheeler
  220. Webchat: Lead Development Engineer and Marketing Director for GMC Terrain to Answer Y
  221. Classic Car Club founder, Packard enthusiast dies at 82:
  222. GM to auction off MORE classic cars
  223. $5B auto supplier program may be finalized this week
  224. Porsche Panamera designer focused on rear-seat passengers :
  225. MORNING AUTO REPORT: Review: 2010 Shelby GT500 more composed than Mustang should be
  226. Saab in contact with 20 potential buyers
  228. Chrysler plants shut down over dispute
  229. Fast and Furious film review: Don't blink:
  230. Auto news in brief: Clunkers program rattles some
  231. New York auto show: GMC adds Yukon Denali hybrid:
  232. First Glance at the All-New 2010 GMC Terrain
  233. GM to unveil smaller, more efficient GMC Terrain
  234. WITH VIDEO: GMC's new Terrain takes on small SUVs
  235. Camaro:Sexy as a swollen porn star on meth, twice as useless.
  236. Fast and Furious movie review: Don't blink:
  237. from
  238. Renault-Nissan teams with Ireland on electric cars
  239. Ford retools Transit Connect van for families at New York auto show:
  240. Don't blink: Mark Vaughn's review of Fast and Furious:
  241. Steve Saleen says he will honor old Saleen warranties:
  242. Daniel Howes: DPS, GM run amok on denial
  243. Steve Saleen says he will honor old Saleen warranties:
  244. Chevrolet Volt remains on track, but electric grid still poses challenges:
  245. GM Chairman Kresa backs 'good' GM, 'bad' GM bankruptcy scenario:
  246. Hyundai names former GM designer to top post at Calif. design studio:
  247. MSNBC: Chevrolet’s Camaro is poised for success
  248. Chevrolet Announces Pricing For The 2010 Equinox
  249. GM chief: UAW and Buick key to future
  250. Henderson laments 'difficult time,' says brands will stay put