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: V6 Engine Discussion

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  1. Roto-Fab cai
  2. Which exhaust?
  3. Why V6?
  4. Got a sweet SLP deal
  5. can a Cai or Axle-back exhaust cause emission issues?
  6. Gibson axle back??
  7. Smoking
  8. Rear Ended V6!
  9. V6 0-60
  10. 2011 Red
  11. Need help on throttle sensitivity
  12. Aftermarket wheels
  13. Air raid vs SLP Blackwing
  14. I admit it... I must be an annoying guy...
  15. Got my car fixed and added cyber gray hockey stripes
  16. 8+ hours for oil pan gasket
  17. Where to buy various parts for best price:
  18. Is the GM performance exhaust a good choice?
  19. ECM purchase
  20. No Cats Question for the v6
  21. V6 Oil Catch Cans
  22. Any ETA on the BMR v6 4-Point Tower brace?
  23. Hurst Shifters in Stock and on SALE just in time for Christmas
  24. Gears?!
  25. What mods do you have planned this winter...
  26. Hurst shifter on a V6 M6 question...
  27. Turbocharged V6 from Hurst
  28. Exhaust cutouts void warranty?
  29. throwing a code P0346...
  30. does the BMR 4-point strut bar really not fit the v6?
  31. New Era dropped my intake temps cooler than rotofab.
  32. has anyone done jba shortys without a tune?
  33. which Fuse do ya pull on a v6?
  34. Tuner for the V6
  35. quick question about clutch and CAI...
  36. cant decide on exhaust please help!!!!
  37. Rich Mixture
  38. a quick "Loud" exhaust story...
  39. eibach kit question (V6)
  40. Turbo or Supercharger?
  41. I'm curious, a question about the v6 K&N Cai
  42. JBA Headers on the V6
  43. a verrrrrry sexy v6 engine bay (imo)...check this out
  44. A little bit extra
  45. E3 Spark Plugs
  46. V6 Camaro - Snow Driving...
  47. ScanGuage
  48. Mobil1 in the V6?
  49. Factory Halo lights...
  50. Trifecta Performance Tuner for the V6
  51. Tune for a V6??? Confused?
  52. jet mass air sensor
  53. Anyone (V6) install N2O kit?
  54. Sealed Unit Plastic CAI
  56. V6 Gas Mileage Problem
  57. Welp ... it happened in Portland ... Camaro stolen
  58. anyone have an eibach sway bar on thier v6 5th gen?
  59. Exhust question for a n00b, plz
  60. Cherry Bomb System For Sale
  61. Blackwing
  62. V6 Supercharger!!!!
  63. INJEN: Solid Choice
  64. The Eaton Option
  65. New AIRAID V2 Tube
  66. borla exhaust
  67. Turbo
  68. Plastic vs Metal CAI
  69. Anyone have a Corsa catback?
  70. Need any and all V6 owners to listen to their cars idle...
  71. Serious questions before I buy...
  72. Hennessy upgrades
  73. K&N vs. Injen
  74. My new Synergy Green 2LT Rocks!
  75. GM performance air intake
  76. V6 Power adders ?
  77. STS Turbo Installation Complete! 500+ Engine HP
  78. Lingenfelter intercooled supercharger package; is it worth it?
  79. K&N Intake V6
  80. STS Turbo Install> Pics!
  81. Twin Turbo V6 is a go! The LF3.....
  82. Camaro Exchaust??
  83. computer programers
  84. exhaust
  85. SLP ZL327 LLT package?
  86. Upgrades?
  87. qtp cutouts
  88. MRT 2.0 vid
  89. V6 X PIPE
  90. GM6094M Approved Oils
  91. BBK Cold Air Induction for 2010 V6 Camaro Coming Soon From Phastek Performance
  92. Added Exhaust
  93. DiabloSport is Looking to Test a V6 Camaro for Tuning
  94. Aftermarket Exhaust
  95. fuel additives...yes or no?
  96. MRT Axle Back Exhaust V1.0
  97. My JBA shorty install...
  98. Cherry Bomb Mufflers
  99. I have some post xmas money...cai?
  100. Solo Mach XLT installed!
  101. MPG for the V6?
  102. I have been reading way too much!!!!
  103. JBA v6 Dyno Graph
  104. V6 Corsa exhaust Christmas special
  105. Airaid V6 Intake Group BUY!
  106. Opinions on SLP? New v6 tuner coming soon....
  107. hey guys...anyone have a cai on the v6 yet?
  108. How is 87 octane fuel working for you?
  109. Question about oil change on V6 engine.
  110. Solo Performance Exhaust
  111. Which exhaust system?
  112. Corsa Exhaust System November Special
  113. Just got my American Racing Headers Installed
  114. Exhaust: MBRP vs Borla?
  115. Anyone install the Stainless Works V6 headers yet?
  116. 2010 Camaro v6 Vararam Intake?
  117. Lingenfelter Charged V6
  118. Got my SLP loudmouth 1 axle-back installed....
  119. Scrming's Air Intake Experiment - Part II
  120. Scrming's Air Intake Experiment - Part I
  121. V6 Performance
  122. What are good options for improving a 1LT
  123. what do we know
  124. any suggestions?
  125. After market exhaust, what have you done?
  126. JDP Motorsports Airaid Intake Specials!
  127. Anyone have experience with JBA Headers
  128. Corsa Exhaust....
  129. Exhaust Question
  130. Pfadt Engine Mounts
  131. anyone know how many 2010 v6 manuals they produced?
  132. SLP V6 Parts Group Purchase!
  133. lt1 six speaker system question?
  135. Article about DI
  136. Anyone w/ V6-A6 near Southern NY?
  138. Answering "What engine do you have"
  139. MBRP Inc Performance Exhaust V6 systems ready to go.
  140. should i leave camaro stock
  141. First steps to increaasing horsepower?
  142. V6 Camaro Needed in the Central NJ area
  143. Hennessey V6 CAI
  146. MBRP Inc. working on a V6
  147. v6 sound
  148. V6
  149. Rev Limiter?
  151. Sorry... Another exhaust video...
  152. My V6 exhuast experiment...
  153. Borla = Stainless Steel Cat-Back + "X" pipe
  154. What's the factory fill on a v6 camaro? and...
  155. My baseline dyno plus...
  156. Three good questions...
  157. Wheel Size..
  158. GM accessory cat-back exhaust available for the V6
  159. Need Options?!?!
  160. Airaid Cold Air Intake (250-242)
  161. Can someone explain?
  162. Straight Pipe V6 Camaro
  163. www.magnaflowplus.com
  164. New & Stronger LSX belt tensioner now available from MTI Racing!
  165. Tuning Near Dallas
  166. Any info on manual tranny
  167. Kind of depressing
  168. did anyone with a V6 manual move?
  169. Where to install wideband?
  170. GmPartsDirect.com 2010 Available Accessories
  171. What is the official city MPG?
  172. What gears with V6 have?
  173. Oil Capacity
  174. 2010 Chevrolet Camaro V6 AEM Intake
  175. V6 Camaro Performance Upgrades
  176. Terrible Situation!
  177. TVS Harrop Supercharger Poll
  178. V6 TVS Supercharger
  179. 3800 Series II Supercharged
  180. V6 with FE3 and Brembo option
  181. A different question about the new v6!
  182. SLP V6 Performance Pac??
  183. Hi res 3.6DI engine pic!
  184. Your guess at the power
  185. V6 Brakes
  186. RS package worth it?
  187. Aftermarket Twin Turbo for V-6
  188. is there any mods for the v6
  189. I have a Question about the engine for the V6
  190. positraction for the V6?
  191. V6 Engine Details
  192. 2010 Camaro Production Specifications!
  193. 2010 Camaro RS Picture Gallery