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: V8 Engine Discussion

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  1. Muffler Delete
  2. Oil leak at 2,000 miles
  4. SLP Loudmouth
  5. SLP Loudmouth
  6. I just put an amazing Cat Back system on my car.
  7. JBA Longtubes
  8. LMR's 7.0L 427ci Build Pics Inside!!
  9. LMR's Twisted Slayer Package Pics Inside!!
  10. doug thorley's a steal on summit
  11. Loud Mouth II Question
  12. How Exhaust Systems NEVER just Bolt-On the Way You Want Them To!
  13. Which Borla???
  14. JDP Motorsports Airaid Intake Specials!
  15. Anyone here upgraded their cam?
  16. Resonator cross-section
  17. quick time performance exhaust cut outs
  18. How To: Install underdrive pulley on 2010 Camaro SS
  19. Pfadt Engine Mounts
  20. CAI advice
  21. My Friday Night Factory Muffler Upgrade
  22. Are there any speed shops in Colorado that can handle late model mods?
  23. SLP V8 Parts group purchase!
  24. Vengeance Racing 440 LSX Dyno/Video/Results Inside
  25. First Thoughts LMR CAI
  26. MTI Racing 500ci Dominator Engine Assembly
  27. Vengeance Racing builds 496 Warhawk... Dyno Graph/Idle Video/Pics Inside
  28. Muffler delete
  29. Types of headers
  30. Friggin Check Engine Light is on......
  31. 2 questions....Header/exhaust mods...
  32. Aftermarket exhaust
  33. MTI Racing "Hot Spark" Plug Wires
  34. a6 2ss buzzing noise
  35. How To: Install headers on 2010 Camaro SS
  36. MTI Racing TVS1900 601rwhp
  37. Kooks Off-Road/Magnaflow Catback/LMR CAI/Dyno Tune L99 CAMARO SS!!!
  38. What smog legal intakes...
  39. Aftermarket Mass air flow sensor
  40. My Twisted SS
  41. Magnaflow Comp Series Axle Back Exhaust Pics and Vids
  42. Corsa, K&N filters, Be Cool Radiators and Kooks now available from GmPartsDirect.com
  43. LMR's Cold Air Induction System How to Install Video!
  44. More Power on My SS?
  46. Cold Air Induction Test on ALL Aftermarket Systems!!
  47. How To: Install catback exhaust on 2010 Camaro SS
  48. Late Model Racecraft's TWISTED SLAYER Package runs 11.64 @121mph!!
  49. New Era Otr Almost here
  50. Nickey 427 Stage III Dyno Video
  51. Late Model Racecraft's TWISTED SLAYER Package!!
  52. does this sound normal to you
  53. Speed Inc 2010 Camaro ready to get blown!
  54. Factory Exhaust ?
  55. Performance mod ???
  56. MTI Racing Stage 2 Camaro Dyno VIDEO
  57. ARH, X pipe and Maganflow Renders additional 48rwhp Dyno Results Inside
  58. Our list of Performance Parts for the SS
  59. Corsa Exhaust Sale
  60. Knocking/tapping sound at idle?
  61. CAI OTR really better?
  62. MBRP Inc. working on a V6
  63. Intercooled Supercharger?
  64. Squeeky breaks
  65. SLP Loudmouth Experience
  66. Real world shorty gains?
  67. LMR's Slayer Package in action
  68. MTI Racing starts 3rd Project Camaro
  69. Jba
  70. MTI Racing Corsa EXHAUST Special
  71. Forced Induction on a SS?
  72. Vengeance Racing Stage II Performance Package Idle/Drivability/Dyno Results Inside
  73. Late Model Racecraft's SLAYER package-Dyno vid and Results!
  74. Livernois Motorsports Custom Tuning Information
  75. MTI Racings Stage 1 Dyno #s for M6 and A6
  76. flowmaster fans
  77. Muffler Delete Dyno
  78. resignators
  79. Ok somebody help me out here..
  81. LMR Slayer Package installed on 2010 Camaro SS w/ Corsa!!
  82. REAPER Package installed on L99 2010 Camaro SS!!
  83. LMR CAI, Longtube Headers, SLP Exhaust sound clip
  85. Borla exhaust experience........
  86. No More Mufflers - Easy/Cheap Exhaust Mod
  87. 2010 Camaro M6 LS3 Borla catback Video
  88. Exhaust upgrade
  89. Wanna make your Camaro ROAR???
  90. SLP Loudmouth
  91. 3 Inch Magnaflow Competition Series Cat Back
  92. Vararam Ram air system pics on a automatic V-8
  93. MBRP Inc Performance Exhaust "Dyno" videos
  94. I think I screwed up my motor
  95. 2010 Chevrolet Camaro V6 & V8 AEM Air Intake
  96. Vengeance Racing Stage II Performance Package with testing of individual modification
  97. Noweed exhaust diverter
  98. Twin Screw Supercharger and Gear Ratio
  99. stock / tuned 2010 results! from Speed Inc.
  100. Vararam Ram air system for V-8 and V-6 2010 Camaro
  101. LMR CAI's, American Racing Headers, and Corsa Exhaust IN STOCK!!
  102. Livernois Motorsports X-Treme Cal Tuning Interface Now Available
  103. who makes the best cold air intake
  104. L99 not sub 5.0
  105. LMR CAI and AR Headers installed on L99!
  106. FULL videos of MBRP Inc. Camaro SS exhaust
  107. Magnacharger TVS 2300 in stock @ Haddad Motorsports
  108. AEM Cold Air Intake 2010 Camaro SS
  109. Just installed my LMR Intake!!
  110. GM accessory cat-back exhaust available for the V8
  111. Automatic Vs Manuel 1/4 times?
  112. Magnaflow 2010 Camaro SS Systems
  113. new engine is in and running
  114. MBRP Inc Performance Exhaust
  115. Airaid Cold Air Intake (250-243)
  116. Which oil
  117. LMR's Street Stalker Idle Video!!
  118. Magnuson TVS 2300 Only Days Away at Haddad Motorsports
  119. www.magnaflowplus.com
  120. Best Gm Small block?
  122. Cam change - Heads on or Heads off
  123. Question About mods and Tuning
  124. LMR's Black and Carbon Fiber CAI's NOW AVAILABLE!!
  125. Factory Shorty Headers
  126. LS3 Stock Exhaust
  127. 2010 V8 Camaro cat-back exhaust available at GmPartsDirect.com
  128. Late Model Racecraft's NEW Twin Disc Clutch!!
  129. Kooks or Stainless works ?
  130. Need some clarification please -
  131. Late Model Racecraft's Street Stalker Package makes OVER 500rwhp Naturally Aspirtated
  132. 160 degree thermostat
  133. American Racing Headers long tubes dyno results
  134. Lingenfelter Camaro 600 rwhp
  135. 530 rwhp Blown Camaro w/ 6psi
  136. All motor 5th gen 460 rwhp
  137. Vid: SLP Long Tubes & 3" SLP PowerFlo Exhaust for 2010 Camaro SS
  138. LMR CAI and Tune runs 12.5s in the 1/4!!!
  139. L99 help.
  140. Oil filler cap
  142. 1st LMR Production Cold Air Installed and Tuned!!
  143. LMR 2010 Camaro SS #2!!
  144. L99 and LS3 Cars needed in Central Ohio
  145. First 2010 Camaro Hits NY then right to KOOKS
  146. LMR/AR 1 7/8 Stainless Steel Headers!!
  147. V8 vs V6????
  148. What's up with powdered metal rods?
  149. Track Results are in for 2010 CAMARO SS!!
  150. SLP axle back exhausts
  151. Late Model Racecraft's prototype Cold Air Induction System and Tune Results!!
  152. Anybody getting the AIR BOX
  153. Haddad Motorsports Premeir Magnacharger Dealer for your 5th Gen
  154. Skip-Shift
  155. QuesTEEYON for Diller
  156. Traction Control for LS3?
  157. Anyone know of superchargers for 2010 Camaro?
  158. Exhaust Upgrade A MUST!!!
  159. I have some 2 1/2 inch electric exhaust cutouts..
  160. AfterMarket Exhaust
  161. Why no LS3 Auto?
  162. 2010 Chevrolet Camaro V8 AEM Intake
  163. V8 Camaro Performance Upgrades
  164. LS3 Rods
  165. AFM L99
  166. Variable exhaust tone from Corvette?
  167. L99 Cam Phase Limiter Kit from Comp Cams
  168. What if your 5th Gen sounded like this?
  169. Would like some facts regarding catback exhaust
  170. Final SAE hp #'s on L99/LS3?
  171. Power potential of the LS3!
  172. Hot Cam
  173. What say you about the LS3?
  174. Jegs Camaro Exhasut
  175. Synthetic vs conventional oil
  176. Kids,, meet your SS engine with a simple cam upgrade...
  177. my new engine
  178. LongTubes, Shorties and Stock Manifolds....Oh My!!!!!
  179. Dealer installed cam
  180. Headers and exhuast
  181. V8 Horsepower
  182. AFM system
  183. Is it too early to start an aftermarket thread?
  184. Aftermarket Modifications!
  185. Would it be worth it? LS7 conversion from V6???
  186. Affordable copies of AR headers!
  187. Push for the LS-A or LS-7
  188. cat back system
  189. catback and air intake options
  191. ARH headers on a G8
  192. Procharger SC for LS3 Camaro SS
  193. LS1/LS2 RS
  194. Can U turn your LS3 into an LS9?????
  195. I'm new but want the best way to add horsepower to my future Camaro
  196. Engine illustrations of the LS3 and L99
  197. heres a real newb question
  198. So how's it sound?
  199. someone school me (and maybe others) on CAMS
  200. 10.7:1 compression
  201. What is your guess @ 1/4 Mile for the V8?
  202. Camaro SS/RS Convertible
  203. What's up with the torque difference?
  204. l99 vs ls3
  205. An in-depth look at Camaro's LS3
  206. Calculating HP
  207. American Racing Headers
  208. I like the AFM idea
  209. Will the 5th gen be drive by wire?
  210. More pics of the 2010 SS - hood open!
  211. E85
  212. DI for V-8's
  213. Holden Unveils Camaro SS in Melbourne,Australia
  214. 2010 Camaro SS: 0-60 in 4.6 seconds
  215. V8 Engine Details
  216. LS3 vs. L99 internals???
  217. Will there be a supercharged version of the LS-3?
  218. VIDEO: GM explains tech details of ZR1 LS9 engine
  219. Introduction of GM Performance Parts RPO LS3 Crate Engine
  220. The LS3 family - Three new crate engines
  222. LS3 specs
  223. Motor Trend article on LS3
  224. More LS3 support?
  225. 08 Corvette LS3 dyno
  226. LS3