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: 5th Generation Camaro News & General Discussion

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  1. Camaro news from Down Under
  2. OK! Whats
  3. Lastest Camaro news........
  4. Hardcover book about the re-engineering of the Camaro
  5. Building of a 5th Gen here in TN!
  6. Random Camaro Articles
  7. 1st year follies?
  8. More Camaro News from Motor Trend
  9. FACTS about the 5th Gen Camaro - Updated 2-25-2008
  10. 2008 Concept Show Schedule - UPDATED 2-28-2008
  11. An interview with Ed Peper
  12. Jada CHUB CITY Camaros
  13. When will GM start taking deposits
  14. 2007 NAIAS Camaro Brochures
  15. A silver concept came to the house....
  16. How certain are we about the LS3 designation?
  17. NEW concept posters
  18. EBAY - concept "customs"
  19. 5th gen Hoods
  20. Diecast News from Dub City ~ JADA
  21. Stick vs. Auto
  22. Camaro Concept Nomad 1/25 scale
  23. Same exact car but different color
  24. Camaro Pricing?
  25. Went shopping
  26. More on Saleen
  27. Diesel Camaro?
  28. Should Chevy bring back classic color names?
  29. Camaro makes music video debut!!!!
  30. What would you order?
  31. Road & Track Jan. 07
  32. Early Christmas Gift
  33. New Camaros on the road by Christmas
  34. LA Auto Show Appearance?
  35. Camaro Mods
  36. How Old Are You?
  37. Hot Wheels 5th gen
  38. Need overview about XRumer software?
  39. Whatcha think?
  40. Colors of the 5th Gen??
  41. Black Box
  42. Big Three plan new versions of high-power autos
  43. Where in the world is the silver car?
  44. Phase IV Baldwin in your future?
  45. Nov. Road & Track
  46. New Camaro, Saleen interview, fact or fiction?
  47. Hot Wheels to have a 5th gen
  48. 5th gen diecast
  49. Window switches in 5th gen
  50. Interior Question...
  51. Your Current Car
  52. LLN: Camaro may come sooner than expected
  53. Saleen to get more involved with the new Camaro?
  54. Sept 25th - on this day in Camaro history
  55. American Axle sends Camaro work to Mexico
  56. Tell Lutz & GM to make it an F-Body!
  57. How Oshawa Got the Camaro
  58. New Camaro Ringtone
  59. HIDs
  60. First look at LS3? 3-valves/cylinder?
  61. Camaro prototypes could be tested in Australia
  62. Camaro headed to the UK
  63. SS vs Z28
  64. Defending the Camaro
  65. Latest Camaro Concept Show Schedule....
  66. Is the Camaro a muscle car?
  67. Local article on 5th gen
  68. The Camaro Concept Car: The Critics' Choice
  69. Workers remain skeptical in the face of good news
  70. Mid-Michigan Camaro Club awaits new version
  71. Camaro roars into town
  72. Jada Toys 5th Gen Diecast..
  73. 5thGen FAQ is up
  74. How the Camaro wound up in Oshawa
  75. what would you change about the 5th gen if anything
  76. Woodward Cruise Camaro posters at Chevy Mall
  77. Oshawa gets the Camaro!
  78. Oshawa announcement expected today...
  79. 5th gen clocks on ebay
  80. GM expected to announce new Camaro for Oshawa plant Monday
  81. Camaro to be built in Oshawa
  82. An excellent interview with the Fbodfather
  83. Exclusive: Q&A with the Fbodfather
  84. Challenger vs. Camaro
  85. the SS - Z/28 debate...
  86. Post Announcement Message from Fbodfather
  87. Video: Tom Peters drives the Concept
  88. CEO paid for Camaro by mowing lawns.
  89. Dealers accepting deposits - again
  90. Interviewed regarding the return
  91. 5th Gen. diecast!
  92. GM Press Release: ITS OFFICIAL!!!!
  93. What we've been waiting for!!!
  94. Big Three put power in new generation of pony cars
  95. Oshawa flexes its muscle in bid for new Camaro
  96. when will the annoncement be on thursday?
  97. More confirmation perhaps?
  98. I think this is confirmation
  99. Official? Detriot Free Press says Camaro a go for 2008
  100. Camaro Model Lineup - What Do You Wanna See?
  101. More totally baseless mag speculation: Trans Am
  102. Other site's speculation of an LS9 Camaro...
  103. Can The Camaro Concept Match The Corvette C6 Performance Tell me What u Think!
  104. Headin' to Mom Settlemires BBQ/Tom Henry
  105. First Zeta car debuts...
  106. To go along wiht T-Shirts
  107. Detroit News: Camaro to join rivals at SEMA
  108. LeftLaneNews: Camaro announcement before SEMA show
  109. concept t-shirts
  110. More GM / Nissan Renault
  111. Yet another Chevy Nomad version
  112. Camaro = cool
  113. SS427 5th gen
  114. HOT ROD Magazine states Camaro is Confirmed for Production
  115. Why the New Camaro Will Fail
  116. Camaro concept article
  117. Where Do you Think the New Camaro Will be Built?
  118. GM comeback shifting into high gear: Lutz
  119. Is it Oshawa?
  120. 5th gen Pontiacs??
  121. From Russia
  122. Waiting for the Green Light: Camaro Concept is ready to go
  123. In-car Technology
  124. Camaro in limbo
  125. The 5th Gen was on the Hot Rod Power Tour!!
  126. Camaro to show up in Harrisburg, PA
  127. Camaro wins 'best concept car'
  128. rag top camaro
  129. Greg Biffle would like to see the Camaro in NASCAR
  130. Concept Camaro makes an appearance on the HotRod Power Tour
  131. Should the Camaro Have a 5.3?
  132. When do you think the 5th gen will debut?
  133. How would you make it?
  134. GM Insiders Tell Us How A Long-Awaited Dream - The New Camaro
  135. interior colors
  136. Retro name insulting, but the look can work wonders
  137. How many 5th gens are out there
  138. Monaro: reborn in the USA?
  139. Video from G10!
  140. Muscle cars are back!
  141. Do not use quotes in posts for this forum.
  142. Interesting info from Oshawa
  143. GM needs Camaro to pump up excitement, sales
  144. Chevrolet Camaro Concept: Meet Mr Muscle
  145. G10 in Atlanta
  146. July GM High Tech Mag
  147. LaNeve mentions Camaro...
  148. Headline article on AOL this morning
  149. Which Engine/Trim Level?
  150. 5th Gen Info?
  151. Driving Impression: Chevrolet Camaro concept
  152. Autoextremist: Camaro biz case hinges on V6 model
  153. MAILBAG: Readers give reactions on Camaro
  154. Most un-informing article yet
  155. Getting closer!
  156. TheCarConnection Drives Chevy?s Camaro
  157. MARK PHELAN: Exclusive Camaro test drive
  158. Phelan to GM: build the Camaro - quickly
  159. GM: 100,000 Camaros a Year
  160. funny site..
  161. Camaro Concept Diecast?
  162. Concept in new GM Commercial
  163. Build your Camaro
  164. Will high gas prices affect your decition to by new Camaro?
  165. Camaro Blog
  166. 5th Gen on MySpace
  167. Post your CZ6 Camaro here
  168. Mid Level V8 Business Case
  169. Edmunds: Camaro Concept: Like Father, Like Son
  170. Dealers told by GM to pull Camaro ad.
  171. Camaro Designer goes Down Under
  172. ATL!
  173. Making it successful: A different perspective
  174. Important reading, latest news...
  175. New Concept Pictures
  176. PHR: This car went together at speed of light
  177. FREEP: Car styles "heritage", not retro
  178. Sketches from PHR
  179. Get on the order list asap!
  180. Edmunds: Holden taking lead on Camaro
  181. Have a concept in the garage
  182. CONFIRMED FOR 2010
  183. Union wants to build Camaro at idled OKC plant
  184. Holden working on Camaro
  185. Buzz re: New York Auto Show
  186. Waggoner: If we don't build it, we're brain dead.
  187. CarSim virtual Camaro concept Vs. Mustang showdown
  188. So it sure seems all signs point to Oshawa...
  189. GM: Tax cuts needed to land Camaro @ Oshawa
  190. Bloomberg: GM Considers Oshawa for Camaro Plant
  191. 5th Gen in Nascar Busch Series?
  192. Podcast interview with concept's designers
  193. Businessweek: The New, Go-Go Camaro
  194. Possible test mule spotted
  195. Latest Rumors from C&G
  196. Ft. Lauderdale
  197. Camaro Concept poster at ChevyMall
  198. The Camaro needs a base V8!!!
  199. Just-Auto: GM Canada to build Camaro
  200. Autoweek: Camaro tops Zeta Wishlist for Lutz
  201. More on CAW's bid to build the Camaro
  202. Det. Free Press: Camaro on verge of revival.
  203. Will the Camaro be built in Canada again?
  204. Autoweek on the next GTO
  205. Lutz: New GTO around the bend, coming w/Camaro
  206. Lutz: Working on it as if an approved program
  207. Special Invite to Ft' Lauderdale show
  208. Saab Aero-X ... Camaro's brother?
  209. 5th Gen to Ft. Lauderdale Car Show
  210. Those pessimistic Canadians...
  211. Saw this in
  212. Leftlane News: GM strategy includes new GTO or Firebird?
  213. Autoextremist: Look for 2009 Firebird
  214. Camaro Concept Ice Sculpture
  215. GM's LS2 and L92 engines up close and personal
  216. Camaro Concept Design Story w/great pics
  217. Lutz: No Firebird
  218. GM Canada & CAW want to build it
  219. 2008 Engines?
  220. Edmunds: No Camaro until 2010
  221. Baldwin-Motion Phase IV 5th gen?
  222. Should the 5th gen be E85 capable?
  223. What Options do you want on a 5th gen?
  224. Autoweek: Camaro moved up to 2008
  225. Forbes on Camaro, Challenger
  226. Motortrend: Next Gen GTO is dead.
  227. More 5th Gen!
  228. Design article on Concept with some early drawings
  229. Chicago F-Body Meeting w/fbodfather
  230. Autospies.com: Camaro official soon, Firebird too.
  231. when the Camaro returns should a paint option be...
  232. Automobile Mag: Overall Tire diameter may not change
  233. Vote for NAIAS people's choice concept
  234. Should there be an RS package
  235. Camaro Retrospective on ESPN Cars
  236. LaNeve asked about Firebird
  237. What old F-Body colors...
  238. Camaro badge
  239. IRS
  240. Unofficial: Camaro is a go for 2009
  241. Lutz: No styling clinics for Camaro
  242. Fast Autos.net Concept specs & writeup
  243. Chevy High Performance Concept article
  244. Will you buy a new Camaro?
  245. Full Camaro Concept Specs
  246. Camaro wins Autoweek Best Concept award at NAIAS
  247. Bob Lutz comments on price and volume
  248. Official Camaro Concept show schedule
  249. Possible production timeline
  250. Cars.com review