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Transformers Movie - Bumblebee and more The new Camaro stars as the Autobot Bumblebee
In the Transformers series feature films.

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Is the Transformer Bumblebee going to be a true collectable?

I'm just wanting to see what others feel about the future of these cars. I notice the 2010 Bee on Ebay at similar prices to the standard SS, so that one does not make me feel it will demand high resale value down the road.

What is my point? Is this car really just a driver.... Or does it deserve respect as a truly collectable such as the Ford GT Supercar. I am thinking... No. The transformer edition is neat, but really not something that is extraordinary. Now, the ZL1 may be a collection worthy Camaro.

I'm debating, I have daily drivers.... Should the Camaro be kept from rain at all costs and barely driven, or should I say.... This is just a car. Use it up and throw it away when it's done.

What is your take on it? Will the transformer edition get lost in the background noise, or will it stand out as a model that will be desired long after the movie had been forgotten?
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It's a car. It's meant to be driven. Sure there will be hoarders who will keep it under glass and rub it with a diaper, but it's a car. Drive it.

Does it deserve respect? No car does. It's a machine.
If it's your car, do what you want with it.

Then again, ANYTHING is worth a fortune if you bury it in the sand and wait long enough.

You seem to be asking car people about investments.

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Time will tell. Nobody in their right minds would have ever thought a pristine ZL1 in '69 would be the shiznit of shiznit, but it is now. And I certainly never thought in a million years a 77 Trans Am (bandit looking car) would bring in stupid money today because of a movie tie, or I'd have got me one or two to tuck back and sell 30 years later.

Treat it as if it were the Camaro you wanted to buy regardless of which model/edition you have. If you bought it to drive...then drive it. If you bought it to look at...then you should have got the model car version. We drive ours, but they still get pampered. I don't buy for any collector value. Just personal satisfaction. In 25 years, who knows what the collector car landscape will look like?

The only reason we got the TE package was because it was tad unique, and basically the first 5th gen "edition" to roll out, plus the timing was there. I didn't want to be the same at 100,000 others. I'm not into Transformers themselves, but you can't take your life too seriously. We don't drive ours often, but it's mainly because of lack of opportunity, not desire. There's 2 other Camaros and a GMC to drive.

If it ends up with 80K miles on it in 20 years, it's ok. I'm going to end up to be that old bastage that lives down the road who has the cool "classic" car that won't ever sell it. Or, if the ZL1 convertible grabs my attention, then off it goes. No real attachment to it otherwise.

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I would agree that, more than likely, it won't be. Just take a look at the history of Special Edition Camaro's. The 35th Anniversary is bringing no more than a SS that's comparable with miles and options. Very few elite Camaro's are bringing high dollar, so nothing would convince me that the Transformers Edition would be any different. There is no performance enhancements, no suspension upgrades, no exhaust. It's simply badged differently. If anything, there's a chance that it may hurt you, since not "everyone" will be looking for a Transformers Edition. Some buyers might walk away because they have no afflation with the movie.

The only 3rd Gen Camaro’s that are bringing top dollar are the 1LE’s and true unmolested IROC’s that have extremely low mileage and ALL the documentation. Heck, there’s been a few Berger 4th Gen SS Camaro’s that haven’t sold on EBay, so you just never know.

As Patriotpa stated, it's a car, enjoy it!!

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I'm sort of a car/truck/motorcycle hoarder, and I get these false emotional ties to my toys. Because of that, I'll likely do a lot more looking than driving. But you are correct in drawing a comparison to the Bandit.

I'm trying to tell myself that i'm only keeping this thing for a few years and then going for the next generation GT500 or the next gen Camaro ZL1 Bumblebee.

Also, in my warped mind, if I feel it is a potential collector, I would not have the ZL1 front fascia put on to make the car actually match the movie car. Why put the less attractive standard fascia on this model is beside me.

Is snowing out, and I'm going to buy the car. Looks like I'll leave it there until the weather breaks.
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Nothing wrong with loving your cars/trucks/cycles. I know I do. There's 12 cars/trucks in our stable so you can have an attachment (or sickness). I don't buy it unless I plan to hang on to it for a long time because I like them. But if you're buying them because you might think they're investments...don't. I'd put my 4th gen SS's condition up against any of them out there and it's still an extremely nice example. But even with its SLP roots and sequence number, it's not worth that much more than a comparible Z28 in today's market. I've been thinking about selling it, but the special background/heritage of the car is a bit more than most.

Nobody can predict the future. Who knows, if they make enough ZL1s, they won't be all that and a bag of chips either. Enjoy it for what it is.

2010 2SS/RS Auto, Sunroof, Engine Cover. Transformer Edition package.
2013 ZL1 ragtop #5478. 1 of 54 CRT M6 'verts.
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I think it will because the transformers movie was such a hit and when ever i drive i get pointed at by children and adults alike people always comment on how cool and neat the car is... i think that in 40 or 50 years when adults want to relive their childhood that they will think of transformers and want this car

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whos to say what it will be in 30 years. 12 year ago I bought my 78 T/A to be a project car, after doing a little research I found I had a numbers matching 4 speed car. there goes the modifications... Im a car nut but respect an all numbers matching car. so it went into preservatin mode. did I pay an outlandish price back then.. no... did I think it would be a sought after car... not at first, I wanted it because it took me back to my younger days. would I sell it now... hard to say.. its been by my side thru a lot of things, divorce, 2 relocations, unemployment...its never left me stranded...its been more loyal to me than a dog.

will any of the special editions be sought after in 30 years.... its like playing the stock market...its a gamble... but from what I seen in history in the auto market... very good chance. For the Bumble Bee... very good chance.. it is a marketing ploy. to take something of generation interest and turn it into a movie and then to bring out a special edition to commemorate it. back in the 70s... a 57 Bel Air was the car of choice that brought high dollar...80s you seen the Yenko, SCJ Mustangs, Chevelle LS5. 90s.. was a carry over from the 80s, but mostly people were hiding thier toys and going for the new power the manufactures were pumping out. the Camaro, Mustang, Trans Am, etc...

jump to 2030... who knows.. I feel the V8 engine in cars is coming to an end, unless manufacures come up with a magical solution the government is putting on them for better fuel economy. almost see a strong resemblance to the mandates and regulations that started in the mid 70s.

who knows what transportation will be like in 30 years... your average v6 may pump out 425 hp and get 27 mpg CITY....

yes its a car and its made to be driven... but us Americans have been known to have a strong relationship with our cars... do what you want with it... its your car... if in 30 years it becomes one of the HOT COLLECTOR CARS... Kudos to you... there will always be that one guy... man I wish i still had mine from back then.

Something else to think about by that time... just how many 3rd,4th gen F Bodies were turned in for Clunkers for Cash... I know of 8 locally that were distroyed. now add that to the already dwending numbers of those cars. For the Collector or the Nestalgia owner.. they will pay a good price to have a reliable/sharp looking piece of history.

just my .02

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If you park it and don't drive it then it might be. It's always based on production numbers. Paint, stripes and decals don't really do much for collectors though. I think the ZL1, Firehawk and maybe some SLP Camaro SS 4th Gen cars will be more collectable.

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Its all supply and demand. If it's rare and someone wants it the cash will be there. Since there were xx made it would depend on how many are left when the time comes do determine the market value. The lower mileage cars are worth more. But to just buy something and not enjoy it (i.e. driving it) is not worth it to me. But to each there own. my 2 cents. you want change for that...

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