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Camaro 2SS/RS Transformers Custom Edition
White With Inferno Orange Rally Stripes
This is my 2010 Transformer Blaze. She is an Autobot. She is the progeny of Jetfire, She is a Hit-man for the Autobots and is only called in when the Wreckers cant handle the situation and they need a more stealthly feminine touch.

I purchased her while she was still deciding what Earth mode she wanted to take so she had not yet badged herself. After a few months of living in my garage she has grown more comfortable with me and has now taken on her final form.

I Purchased Her On 05/11/2013:

The door sils were bent and scratched so that was the first thing I replaced. I replaced them with the Transformers Edition Sils. The next thing I did was paint the Engine Cover.

Next I Purchased The Transformers Center Caps. Then I Got the Side Badges, but I didnt want the standard Grey/Black Ones, I wanted them in red but not the cheap plastic red ones. I was lucky to find them.

After that I wanted to do something more with the engine compartment as well as do some performance upgrades, so I purchased a Cold Air Intake and after installing it the color balance was off so I also painted the Fuse box panel to have everything look more balanced.

Next I added the Transformers Glyphs in the front and the rear. After adding all the autobot emblems I felt the car was still not quite done, so I added the RED REFLECTIVE side gill vinyls as well as making the front and rear bow ties red. Then I decided the ass of the car just needed something more, so using protective film black tint (not the cheap windows tint but the expensive static cling tint) I blacked out the tail lights.

But i still wasnt happy and felt it needed more. So I added the Oracle Mailslot Scanner, and the Sequential Tail Light Harness. Then I wanted to have functional lights under my hood, in case I ever broke down and needed to see under the hood on a dark creepy street, so I installed HD LED Lights under the hood.

The next thing I did was add footwell and dome LED Lighting in red. The next thing I did was install a Alpine Amp and a custom sub box with (2) 12" Legacy Subs. Then I added RED Led lighting to the trunk to match the interior. Then I replaced the Standard Driving Light Bulbs with HD LED Bulbs and installed the harness so I could have my halos and driving lights on at the same time.

Next I purchased and installed CHROME strut covers.Then I had Emblem Pros Make A Custom Dash Plaque. The Very last thing I did was install a Flowmaster American Thunder Catback Exhaust System. I do a little bit more here and there daily. Thanks For Looking!
2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS/RS Transformers Custom Edition (White With Inferno Orange Rally Stripes)


Flowmaster American Thunder Catback Exhaust
Custom Painted Engine Cover
Custom Painted Fuse Box
Custom LED HID Under Hood Lighting
Custom LED Under Hood Engine Lighting
Custom Painted Heat Shield Bow Tie
RED Foot Well LED Lighting
RED LED Dome Light
6.2L Passenger Side Dash Plaque
CUSTOM Made Perfect Fit Sub-woofer Box
(2) 12" Legacy Sub-woofers
Alpine MRV-500 Amp [540 Watts]
Camaro SS "Inferno Orange" Seat Belt Pads
Custom Painted Black Hidden SUN Pass
500 WATT AC/DC Power Inverter
Transformers Door Sils
MAIL SLOT R.G.B. Led Knight Rider Scanner
Red Reflective Side Gill Vinyls
SS 6.2L Hood Scoop Vinyls
6.2L Trunk Badge
Sequential Tail Lights
HID LED Driving Lights
Transformers Cybertron Glyphs
Transformers "RED" Side Panel Badges
Wheel and Tire
Transformers Center Caps
Transformers Valve Stem Caps



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