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aqua metalic blue
I bourght the car over the internet from a luxury car lot in Dubblin CA USA with just 1600 miles on it . Having a close friend check it out for me , as he gave it the all clear and with all the write numbers and vin i paid for the car in full , i was told it would take 2 weeks for the title to clear and then excuss after excuss, 6 weeks later the car was still not cleared as i needed it to be so i could import it to Australia. I started to get worried so i checked out the company and found that they where being investigated by the police for ripping off internatinal customers, 5 days later i was in the USA picking up my car in person with a clear title in hand.
(you should have seen the look on ther faces). We picked it up and drove to Los Vagas then on to Palm springs then to Los Angeles and then on to the shipping yard for export back to Australia. It went directly to the conversion shop for right hand drive conversion now it finaly home in Adelaide South Australia.
When driving it in Adelaide i feel like Brad Pitt cos of the attension the car get is unreal. im loving the car as its great to drive and one of the coolest looking cars here as they are rare in Australia .
2010 Chevrolet 2ss/rs (aqua metalic blue)


K&N cold air induction
Pacemaker headers and ceramic coated
hi flow metalic catalatic converters
sports exhaust in stainless steel
Lsa supercharger
standed leather trim
right hand drive conversion
rip shifter
r/h electric seat
GM ground affects kit with the rear end modified for dual outlet tips 3.5'' rid of those ugly tips
kit was colour coded to the car
turn signal had to be orange for australia regulations
added the white stripe
added the heritage grille and painted black to the lower ground affects kit on the rear bar
window tint
upgrade sterio to come
lowered pedders suspension
Wheel and Tire
22'' wheels
finaly ordered 22'' Cordon wheels



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