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“That thing got a HEMI Hybrid?”

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In addition to the much-anticipated Challenger introduction Chrysler LLC will have some “GreenTec” on display including its restyled Dodge Ram 1500 pickup with a two-mode hybrid powertrain that will appear in the 2010 model year.

The Dodge Ram HEMI Hybrid joins the Chrysler Aspen and Dodge Durango in the Chrysler hybrid vehicle lineup. The HEMI hybrid will feature Chrysler’s Multi-displacement System (MDS), which allows the engine to seamlessly alternate between four-cylinder mode when less power is needed and V-8 mode when more power is in demand. The two-mode hybrid system provides assistance from electric motors allowing the HEMI V-8 to remain in four-cylinder mode more often than without a hybrid powertrain, improving overall fuel economy.

Also on display and available in number of vehicles is the MyGIG system that features integrated audio, navigation, entertainment and communication you activate by voice. There’s also touch screen iPod Interface available using Universal Customer Interface (UCI) that provides integration for your electronic devices.
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Is this not the same technolgy they are and were talking about using in the camaro? i thought there was talk when the first press release came out about the camaro. its still a cool idea, but what is the horse power going to be like
This two-mode system is the same system used in the GM vehicles.
Chrysler, Mercedes, and BMW like it so much that they'll all be using it soon.
Wonder if it will work better for them than the old system like what was in the magnum SRT's
tow mode for the win..I would buy a two mode Camaro if it rocked as much and still did not suffer as much on the performance..
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