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10th Annual Michigan FBody Meet & Greet 2014!

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That's right everyone - it's that time of the year again! January is almost gone and it's time to start marking your calendars for the biggest one-day all-FBody event in Michigan - The 2014 Michigan FBody Meet & Greet!

For 2014, it's our 10th show! To celebrate, we've picked a very worthy charity to support so we can celebrate while making a difference! We've chosen the Wounded Warrior Project to support as we feel it's a charity that everyone can relate to. It's a worthy cause and we fully support our troops. We ask that participants who wish to have their vehicle judged make a minimal donation of $10 which will go 100% to the Wounded Warriors Project! I'm happy to announce that as of January 29th, we've raised over $300 in pre-registration donations!

If you're interested in donating straight to the Wounded Warrior Project, you can do so by using the following link:

Furthermore, we are actively designing an event tshirt -- a first for our show -- and will have more details as they become available.

Please see the details below:
Events - The Michigan FBody Association

Started in 2005, the Spring Meet & Greet has become not only a tradition for members of the website, but a tradition for members of the entire Michigan Camaro and Firebird enthusiast community. The show is meant to be a laid back, casual show to promote face-to-face interaction with Camaro and Firebird enthusiasts. Many of us know eachother through the various large forums but we do not get a chance to meet in person and check out each other's cars. The Meet & Greet was created to help create new friendships and new bonds.

In 2009, the informal BBQ was amped up into a full fledged car show. We switched locations from being held at local Metro Parks to our new home: Bakers of Milford. Known for their free weekly Sunday cruise-ins, Bakers of Milford was the perfect fit for our show. A great restaurant, clean restrooms, outdoor grill, and an open parking lot: all the makings for a perfect car show!

For 2014, the Michigan FBody staff are happy to announce that we will be supporting the Wounded Warriors Project for the 10th Annual Meet & Greet! We ask for a minimum $10 donation for anyone who wishes to have their vehicle judged. Donations can be made during the pre-registration process or at the event. We plan to have multiple ways to donate towards the WWP charity while at our event, so bring your wallets and let's support the great men and women who protect our everyday freedoms!

What: 10th Annual Michigan FBody Spring Meet & Greet 2014
Date: May 31st, 2014
Time: 9am to 4pm
Location: Bakers of Milford, Milford, Michigan
Address: 2205 S. Milford Rd, Milford, Michigan
Food and Beverages:
Food and beverages will be available through the Bakers Restaurant. They have a full sit-in restaurant available and will also be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for those of us who don't want to do a full sit-down meal. You're welcome to bring your own food if you so choose, but having eaten at Bakers before I can tell you they have EXCELLENT food.

Filling out the registration forms the day of the event can be overwhelming! To register for the event - you can register at the link below!

Events - The Michigan FBody Association

General Plans for the Meet & Greet:
The Meet & Greet, as a tradition, is a casual meet up to hang out and have fun! The event's host website ( is still growing at an exponential rate, and there's still a lot of names that we know from the community but we don't have a face to place with the name. The Meet & Greet was created in 2005 to put faces to the user names on the site. The whole point is to meet new people, hang out, show off our own cars and check out each other's cars! Over the years, we've grown to include the entire FBody community not only in Michigan but in neighboring states and Canada! Our goal is not directly meant to promote our website - but more to promote the FBody community as a whole and encourage the community to establish friendships with people in the area with the same passion for the cars we own! The Meet & Greet is's way to try and give back to the community by having a yearly show to look forward to.

The meet will be considered finished directly after the short Awards ceremony. Please make arrangements on your own if you plan to cruise to Woodward after the Meet & Greet
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Hopefully it's OK to post this -- if the mods or admins feel this isn't allowed, please PM me and/or delete this post and I'll understand. The proceeds from the shirts are going towards the Wounded Warrior Project charity so it's not a commercial post.

For the first time ever for our show, we have official EVENT TSHIRTS!

Check out this awesome design!

The colors listed at the bottom of the image are the colors for the ink being used for the silkscreen -- all TShirts are being made in "DARK HEATHER" color (the background of the image) -- these are HIGH QUALITY shirts with HAND DRAWN artwork.

And thanks to our amazing t-shirt sponsors (their logos will appear on the back of the shirt) we're able to offer the t-shirt for the amazing, incredible, low price of $10.00* regardless of size! :shock:

If you're interested in pre-ordering a TShirt for the $10* price, visit's storefront where we have the shirt listed: Store:

We will have additional shirts available for sale at the car show but they will be at a higher price of $15.

Again - proceeds from the sale of the shirts will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project - a great charity which supports wounded veterans here at home. A great TShirt supporting a great cause! For $10 buy one, buy two, hell buy three!

** The $10 shirt price is dependent on you picking up the shirt at the event. Any shirts which are not picked up the day of the Meet & Greet will be shipped to you for an additional charge using USPS flat rate service.
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Holy moly, where did the time go?! Less than a month away and our weather still sucks! Let's hope the next few weeks shows considerable improvement!

If you plan to attend but haven't yet pre-registered, please do so at the following link:
Events - The Michigan FBody Association

We also submitted the order for over 150 event tshirts! Almost all of them are pre-orders, but we'll have about 30 extra shirts for sale at the Meet & Greet for anyone who didn't pre-order one!
Hey guys! Only 10 days away! HOLY SHNIKES! We've crested the 200 registrations mark - thanks everyone! But I know there's more folks planning to attend than that! So if you're planning on attending, please pre-register if you haven't already. This will allow us to have a printed windshield slip ready for you when you arrive, making my parents' lives easier at the registration tent! :D We have some great raffle prizes accumulating, so be sure and bring some cash to purchase the "50/50 raffle tickets" - where your ticket will qualify for the 50/50 grand prize AND the raffle prizes!!!! Remember all proceeds from the show will be supporting the Wounded Warrior Project so it's going towards a great cause!!!

To pre-register if you haven't already, click the link below:
Events - The Michigan FBody Association

And check out the cool graphic showing thumbtacks where we have registrations from! Red are Pontiac and Blue are Chevy registrations. :D

*For privacy purposes, the registration map uses the center coordinates for registrants zip codes, so as long as you do not happen to live in the direct center of your zip code, the thumbtack is not over your address. ;)

Check out the full map here:
Events - The Michigan FBody Association
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Only a few days away and it appears the sunshine dance is working - the weather forecast is calling for an absolutely beautiful day. We're nearing the 250 registration mark, please pre-register if you plan to attend so we can have everything printed off and ready to go when you arrive! If you don't, we make you fill out a long form at the tent and who wants to do that? ;)

Please get your registrations in today or tomorrow - I'll be closing registration Friday morning!
Events - The Michigan FBody Association
Well, the dust has finally settled on our very successful 2014 car show and my after-shock has finally worn off - now to get stuff wrapped up and start working on next year's show!

Tonight, June 14th 2014, the final donation on behalf of Michigan FBody Association was made to Wounded Warrior Project. I'm happy to announce that between all of the donations received for judging registrations, 50/50 sales, tshirt sales, etc our car show raised $2010 towards the Wounded Warrior Project! I'm deeply ecstatic and humbled that we were able to raise this amount for such a great cause - I really did not expect to hit more than $1,000. Great job to everyone who donated and what a great way to support the veterans who sacrificed so much to give us the freedoms we enjoy each day!!!

Our official estimate for vehicles at the show is "at least" 325 Camaros and Firebirds! Again - overwhelming! This was the most accurate count we've had thus far, and I have a huge "THANK YOU" to my dad, Larry Meissen, for walking through the entire show with a little hand counter and clicking the counter for each car he walked past. The weather was beautiful, and it easily allowed us to break our record for attendance!

We've published a list of all award winners with photos of their cars on our home page - The Michigan FBody Association - 2014 Meet & Greet Award Winners

I want to thank all of the wonderful sponsors who helped make our first ever event tshirt possible! Judging by how quickly the shirt sold out, I think it's a safe bet that there will be another event shirt in 2015!!

Lastly, I just want to thank everyone for attending the show and for everyone's enthusiasm. I've said it time and time again, and I firmly believe this: Anyone can post on tons of websites asking people to show up in an empty parking lot on a Saturday. It's all of you who help spread the word, who come out to the show, who share your enthusiasm and photos after the show that really make our show what it is today.

PS - If you want to see a great video taken at the Meet & Greet using an aerial drone, check out the below youtube video!!!

And our website's event gallery is visible here:
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I'm happy to announce that between all of the donations received for judging registrations, 50/50 sales, tshirt sales, etc our car show raised $2010 towards the Wounded Warrior Project!
Great job
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