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Saw this on this morning :eek:

Some videos of "Polly"'s 1986 Trans Am.
With it he has set the european highest speed for a street legal car @ 407,134 km/h(link). It was set in the rain and he was still accelerating when maesured, and he's hoping for a dry track the next time.....
First a picture of the car(From his website):

Then the videos
YouTube - 1986 Trans am !1407 HP! extreme - polly 2
YouTube - 1986 Trans am !1407 HP! extreme - polly 3

His homepage: norwegian)

Some facts about car:
1986 Trans Am
1407 hp
0-100km/h: 2,23s
0-200km/h: 5,55s
0-201m: 5,91 sek-205 km/h,
0-402m: 9,19 sek-202 km/h(the transmission went bye-bye in the drag before the car should easy manage 8s drag)

engine: 540 cid
trans: 6 speed ZF prepped(Top speed in 5th, 6th gear set for cruising 300km/h 2700 o/min
weight: 2125 kg incl driver, co-driver and full tank(180l fuel)
(all facts from
The car is built to compete in Silver State Classic Challenge in USA

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That car is my "Eleanor". Filed right along with Unicorns and other mythical fantasy creatures.

I believe it is currently the fastest street legal thirdgen in existence with a top speed over 250mph.
Not only is it the fastest street legal 3rd gen, it is the fastest independetly documented street legal car in Europe.

I was told I cant post a vid because it involves street racing, but there is a red 86 IROC that went toe to toe with a new ZR1 up to 170 MPH without NX, and then went toe to toe with a twin turbo 800+ HP Lambo Murcielago up to 170+ on you tube. It has an SB2 engine out of a Craftsman NASCAR truck in it along with a TH400 and 5500 stall convertor. Nothing like turning 9400 rpm with a 360 NA motor.
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