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1993 Pace Cars?

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Any 1993 Indy Pace Cars out there?
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I don't want to buy one :lol:
My friend's mom used to have one.
they are nice!
I saw one at a show about 4 years was trailered to the show and the guy was trying to say he drove it there..with 53 miles on the OD..and the plastic still on the seats..the car was awsome..brand new but didnt win squat cus of that fact..and also him being a total nob..funny seeing him putting it in the trailer down the road in an empty parking lot..
My buddy Jim had a 93 Pace Car for 8 years!
SUPER nice car, he babied it.

He just traded it last week for a low mile 2000 Camaro SS. :)
thats gotta be hard to more eye catching pace car..or an eye catching faster SS...???
i saw one last year down in bolwing green, KN for the reunion but have seen any around st. louis.
The guy in my club who runs an Fbody salvage yard has one and the truck as well.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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