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Hey guys, I'm considering selling my 1998 Camaro SS 6-speed. If it doesn't sell... no biggie. I really like the car but I just want to try something different this time.

This is an TRUE SLP SS #1761. Clean carfax!

First off I'm going to state that there is NO PROBLEMS. This car is absolutely 100% mechanically perfect. It has normal light rock chips and blemishes - thats it!!

I have most receipts for the mods on this car. Alot of documentation. Over $7,000 in mods.
I have the ORIGINAL build sheet and window sticker.
This car is as close to NEW as you could get. Its basically MINT.

This is a t-top car with tint, cloth interior, with 66,000 miles
The car is only treated with the best of everything. German Castrol 0w-30 with K&N Oil filter. Has NO LS1 oil consumption.

The mods are as follows:

SLP Lid (flowpac)
Ported TB
LS6 Intake Manifold
Pacesetter coated LTs
SLP Dual Dual Catback
3in Cutout
Textralia OZ700 "Z" Disc Clutch, Billet Steel 18lb "roselock" Flywheel, Updated 01+ Slave
Pro 5.0 w/ LSS
Powerstop rotors
Hawk pads
Hotchkis STB
UMI LCA Relocation Brackets
Nitrous Express wet kit w/ Full Throttle's Timing Tuner
Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump w/ Caspers PnP Hotwire Kit.

This car has only been sprayed 2 times. And this was on the dyno once and one on street.

The car made 340rwhp / 356rwtq N/A SAE.
and... 462rwhp / 552rwtq N20 SAE.

Almost all mods have 2500 miles on them.
The clutch has about 700 miles.
The car has Y2K Corvette wheels 17f/18r with good tires. SLP Grille

I don't have to sell this car so please don't try to lowball me. Its just time to move on to other things.

$12,000 FIRM

[email protected]

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Good looking car, I bet its pretty quick too huh?

Question: German Castrol 0w-30 with K&N Oil filter. Has NO LS1 oil consumption?
Could you explain a bit more....0w-30?

Absolutely! GC 0w-30 is IMO the best oil on the market.

The only place you can purchase this oil in the united states is at autozone. Its labeled under Castrol Syntec 0w-30.

It says made in germany on the back "european formula".

According to many oil anaylises the exceeds the quality of almost all other oils.

GC 0w-30 is much thicker than Mobil 1 5-30. Actually equivelent to the 10-40 M1 offers.

Plus, unlike Mobil 1, GC is a TRUE full synthetic oil.

And yes, the car moves out pretty good. The new owner will be pleased I'm sure! :patriot:

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On the LS1 oil consumption issue, many LS1 cars consume oil do to faulty/bad PCV system. It lacks from the factory.

I have two local friends with an 01 Z28 and a 00 WS6 that burns massive amounts of oil because of this. They run catch can setups.

This car, does NOT have this oil issue.

Hope this helps! :)

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im looking at this car... something happend in my valvetrain or i chipped a piston and this will be the third time with my prix. im just tired of it. i live in south jersey and have no problems with traveling to pick up such a nice car. do you have any video's or anything??? you can email them to [email protected] if not it's no big deal. i won't know what happend to my car and what im goign to do for like another month or so.
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