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1999 pontiac Grand Prix GT
63,xxx miles
3.8l V6 auto
ebony leather int
heated front seats
new battery
new windsheild

....some pics in the link are before the windsheild was done. The pics i took today are the ones where the bra/mask is in place.


Front Impact bar installed(included)
pass airbag and cover
hood(stock one is dented and scratched)
Fog lights installed(included)
radio display doesnt light up

front bumper was repaired and is decent but would need paint and finishing work. I have a bra on the car and it hides the cosmetic aspect.
May need minor work to mount impact bar since the frame horn was messed up. I just never got around to it. I drive the car as is fine.
Front lower control arm and pass tie rod were replaced.
Tire tread all around is good.
Front of drivers fender is somewhat dented too.
paint looks pink in pics, but trust me, its a really nice red all around, not faded anywhere. only front bumper and hood would need to be painted(poss. driver fender too due to dent.)

I'm asking 2500 obo.

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