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Today is the second anniversary of my registration on Moderncamaro (then! It has been a great 2 years and it is an honor being part of the community :5go:

Here are some of my statistics:

Joined February 18th 2009

Per Year: 1315
Per Month: 110
Per Week: 25
Per Day: 3.6

I reached 500 posts in 1 month
I reached 1000 posts in 3 months
I reached 2000 posts in 16 months

My first post/thread was my introduction thread,

My most successful thread was "New kid on the block" with 226 replies and 5,164 views

I may have pissed people off in the past (I'm truly sorry) with my immature posts, random threads, and my 25 posts per day :rolleyes:, but I have since tried to mature and don't piss as many people off (I hope :thumbsup:). So anyways it has been a great couple years and I am looking forward to a great couple more years (and for when I finally get a Camaro ;) )

Have a great day
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