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2008 Challengers on Ebay

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All hail American greed!!! Last night, Ebay had 2 2008 Challengers listed. One started at 60-plus thousand and the other was 15 grand. After further review, I noticed the 15K was the amount you were agreeing to pay OVER the MSRP. However, the 15K was a starting point WITH RESERVE NOT YET MET!!!! I asked the seller if he was smoking crack! Nice going, Dodge Dealers. These guys even stated they were "5-star" Chrysler dealers, so "bid with confidence". Yeah, bid with the confidence in knowing you are flush with cash and stupid!:screwy:
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There is an ass for every seat.

God bless capitalism! :patriot:
Same story different car.
I've got no problem with it, how the next guy spends his hard earned $$ is of no interest to me :cool:
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