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Last 2007, Chevy sparked the interest of motorists when it came out with its 2009 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid. As history has shown, hybrid concepts have a tendency to fall off the face of the concept world, never to be heard from again. Not this time. Chevrolet has announced that the eco-friendly 2009 Silverado will be released later this year. Finally, a truck that looks cool and kicks butt at the same time.

For those unaware of what features came with the 2009 Chevrolet Silverado, here’s a rundown of its capabilities. The 2009 Silverado was built with a 6-liter V-8 engine and comes equipped with Active Fuel Management and late-intake valve closing technology.

The truck gives a 40 percent increase in city fuel economy and a 25 percent increase in overall fuel economy allowing the vehicle to go more than 500 miles. The Silverado can also hit 30 miles per hour when running solely on electric mode and depending on the battery charge, the truck can even go up to a full mile. The truck is also capable of towing up to 6,100 lbs and is equipped with the GM’s 2-Mode Hybrid system that optimizes the truck’s transmission allowing it to vary its gear ratios. The Silverado also comes with a front air dam and a tonneau cover for the bed. The truck is not without its drawbacks, however, having only minimal cabin space and having the battery pack placed in the car’s backseat. Despite those two minor setbacks, the 2009 Chevrolet Silverado pretty much makes up for this with its other features.

The 2009 Chevrolet Silverado is set to come out in two types: a 2-wheel drive and a 4-wheel drive truck. Look for this bad boy to appear in the market later this year.

Source: Chevrolet Truck Blog
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