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Classic Automotive Restoration Specialists Inc. (CARS) is honored to be given the 2009 Automotive Hot New Products Magazine Golden Gear Leadership Award for our 1969 Camaro Continuation Series.

Each year the editors of the magazine choose a company that they believe shows leadership in the automotive industry by producing a product or products that are exciting and unique and have blazed a new trail. Below is the write up as seen on their website:

LEADERSHIP AWARD — CARS, Inc. COPO/Yenko Continuation Series
Reproducing a vintage part is a big undertaking. Reproducing a whole car is huge. But the car in question, the 1968 COPO/Yenko Camaro, was too enticing, and the opportunity too great to let slide. With a flurry of new parts hitting the market to keep up with the ’69 Camaro’s unparalleled popularity, all the elements were in place.
Using Dynacorn’s repro Camaro bodies and new crate engines from GM Performance Parts, Classic Automotive Restoration Specialists, Inc. has taken the lead in recreating two of the most revered muscle cars in the world — the 69 COPO Camaro and ’69 Yenko sYc Camaro. Using parts from top suppliers like Classic Industries, American Racing, Coker Tires, National Parts Depot, and Master Power Brakes to build the rest of the car, the continuation series is the spitting image of the originals. But there is no crash history, no corrosion, hidden or otherwise, no restoration, correct or otherwise, and no potential of misrepresentation or fraud. You get a factory fresh car with zero miles.
Under the hood is a new GM Performance Parts 427, backed up by a 4-speed manual transmission. It’s just like 1969 all over again.
Options are not nearly as numerous as 40 years ago, but you can choose a 4-speed Turbo 400, 15-inch GM Rallye wheels or new American Racing T70 rims, and of course your choice of either chambered or transaxle exhaust system.
Colors also recreate the 1969 choices — Daytona Yellow, Hugger Orange, Lemans Blue, Rallye Green, Fathom Green, and Olympic Gold.
The price has gone up a bit since 1969 (Yenko continuation cars retail for $139,500), but the new continuation cars will probably be even more exclusive than the originals. For the ambitious undertaking, appreciation for the originals, and breaking new ground in the hobby, Classic Automotive Restoration Specialists, Inc. receive the Golden Gear Leadership Award.
Classic Automotive Restoration Specialists, Inc.
(336) 595-3900
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