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Well, I have a buddy visiting from the other coast and he originally rented an economy car (price) they didn't have it and they gave him a 2012 V6 Mustang for the same price instead. He had to return it (decided to stay out here longer) and the price was going up so he bailed and went and got a 2012 LFX Camaro A6.

I passed on driving the Mustang but gladly took a spin in the Camaro as I wanted to compare the "updated" trans algorithm they did for improved shifting and whatever else I could find that was different (which is quite a bit).

LOVED the new trans "algorithm"!! No delay, very quick shifts even when hammering it. Great job GM! :thumbsup:

I thought the addition of displaying the "selected" vent output location and fan speed etc on the radio was kinda lame :rolleyes: but whatever... Hate the steering wheel and controls layout but we all have our own opinions on that. Hate the look of the additional lock/unlock buttons on the doors and the different looking window switches (?? I think they are different, couldn't compare back to back). I guess once retrained to reach there the new lock button could grow on me :confused:.

Didn't particularly like the gauge faces and the HUD is impossible to see with polarized sunglasses on.... :mad:

Glad I took the spin BUT I will be keeping my 2010!! ;)
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