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2010 Camaro Ignition Video

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Starting up and pulling away in your 2010 Camaro.

SWEET! :cool:
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that lighting is badass but i wouldnt expect any less.
I found something on autoblog that I hope I dont get in trouble for posting over here again . For some reason it was deleted once before but here is the video of the ambient lighting !!!!!!!! AGAIN

below is the link where autoblog has is showing
ahh im in love with the video is the ambient lighting in that supposed to be the orange accent? it looks very red to me and thats exactly what i want for mine...
I'm not sure they've said what the colors will be for the lighting. The Orange was for the seat/door inserts. I know they said the ambient lighting wouldn't be changeable, like the Mustang Dash lights. But I hope, if they are offering orange inserts, that they have an orange lighting as one of the choices. The other colors may not look as good with the orange seats. Dunno.
Video shows the Inferno Orange interior with Orange accent lighting

Image below shows blue lighting with the black leather interior:

both look HOT!

I've decided i will own a black Camaro SS with the Inferno Orange accent pack (including ambient illumination) and RS pack!
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nice pic gtc
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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