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I am sorry to sell this car. I've had a lot of muscle cars but this car, I have had the most fun with and the most head turns. This car started out as a bone stock 2010 Camaro RS/SS (2SS Package) 6.2 liter, 426 hp (flywheel) vehicle. But, I'm not known for keeping things bone stock. I will list everything done to this car. I have a lot of pictures as well as documentation. Everything done to this vehicle was professionally done. I wanted an SLP car without spending the money, but also wanted the one offish look and feel.

First off, the paint, the color is Red Jewel Tint, the stripes were originally decals from GM, gray in color. I had them taken off and then customized and painted Viper Silver which is the brightest silver possible. I had the front stripes brought down into the front fascia, and narrowed to just the cowl for a ram air look and feel. The rear stripes were brought up and over the spoiler, as well as painted under the spoiler to resemble the first generation Camaro's. The Onstar fin on the roof I had painted the same color as the car, it was black. Also, the shark fins on the sides of the car I had airbrushed black for the functionality look. The paint is unbelievable...gets a lot of compliments.

Secondly, the stance, installed Eibach 2"lowering springs front & rear, as well as SLP front & rear sway bars. Car handled pretty good originally, but much more Corvettesque handling now. Very fun to drive...

Finally, the performance, SLP's High-Output TVS 2300 Supercharger. It is the same technology offered in the new ZR-1 Corvette. It safely provides 6 PSI of boost, creating stump pulling power and neck-breaking acceleration. It increases the power and torque of the stock LS3 6.2L V8 engine at the flywheel from 426 HP to 575 HP, and 420 ft-lbs. of torque to an astounding 500 ft-lbs. I brought this car to New Era Performance, located in Rochester, NY and had this vehicle dyno tuned, after the professional & documented installation. The results were amazing. We did four pulls, the fourth & final pull produced 510 RWHP / 494 FT.-LBS. Torque. I do have dyno sheet from New Era Performance showing all four pulls. Other than the SLP Supercharger, this vehicle is equipped with the SLP Loudmouth exhaust system, which is a muffler delete package.

Now for the pictures...Enjoy!! Please no tire kickers...Serious inquires only!! Thank you...

To see all documented pictures please e-mail me and I can send you all pictures through snapfish. I have about 70 pictures as well as a professionally done book detailing and documenting all performance upgrades getting done. I had only enough room in this ad for the paint, exterior, and one underhood shot

I also have all paperwork from dealership, including window sticker, build sheet, dyno sheets, everything that you would want for a future classic car that you didn't save on your old muscle car.

I have just over $50000.00 dollars invested and all receipts. This is definitely my loss and your gain...

Thank you... Again


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good luck w/ the much are you actually asking?

since your in NY, feel free to list it on as well.
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