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2010+ Camaro V6 stage 3 Nitrous Outlet plate system

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Hi i am selling my Nitrous Outlet stage 3 plate system for 2010 and up Camaros. The kit includes fuel, nitrous, and purge solenoids, 15lb Nitrous Outlet high flow bottle with automatic bottle opener, bottle warmer/bottle mount, WOT /window switch from NOS, 50-150 shot jets, switch panel for center console, blow down tube, and all brackets for mounting, all the relays for wiring, and all steel braided lines for complete installation. I am selling it because i have decided to put lambo doors on instead. System has never been used only installed and has been tested to make sure all solenoids fire but never sprayed it. Payed 2000 for the whole set up straight from Nitrous Outlet factory and are trying to get around 1000 back but will take offers free shipping depending on final prices as it will be in 2 boxes and due to size and weight of 15lb bottle. very nice system has only been installed 2 weeks and car has been sitting in the same place so everything is still in mint condition. Let me know if you have any questions you can call or text me at 336 542 6710 or email me at [email protected]. ALL INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION WILL BE INCLUDED.

Nitrous Outlet plate system (699.99 retail)
Nitrous Outlet high flow bottle automatic opener (259.99 retail)
NOS W.O.T/Window Switch (161.99 retail)
Stage 3 accessory package (530.58 retail)
Nitrous Outlet high flow bottle (279.99 retail)
Nitrous Outlet center console switch panel (69.99 retail)
Total of: 2002.53


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