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2010 maggie/cam/exhaust build up

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We received this beautiful 2010 6spd Camaro from a customer in Springfield, Mo. It arrived on a flat bed from the dealership Monday morning with only 331 miles on the odometer. We will be adding quite a few upgrades this week and hopefully be on the dyno Friday night.

2.3L Magnacharger
American Racing headers/ xpipe
MTI shifter
Comp cam (custom grind)
Comp springs
Comp push rods
ARP rod bolts
Rotofab intake

We dynoed the car yesterday and it put down 384/390 stock.

VERY impressive numbers, higher then all of the other 2010 Camaros that have come thru.

I will keep you updated with pics

Take Care
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Can't wait for those number ought to be sick :thumbsup:
Don't forget to get some "tweener" shots during the build, looks like it's gonna be a monster :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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