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2010 mustang interior spy shots

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Great spy shot :lol:
Yeah not much huh..
are they jut going to blow all their stangs now??? wuts with the ugly gauge pod
wuts with the ugly gauge pod

Thats the new style, didn't you know:D
UHHHHHHHHHHH.....mmmmkay, whatever.
are they jut going to blow all their stangs now??? wuts with the ugly gauge pod
Don't you know that they blow already?


Brenda Priddy sucks. If she was the one taking all of the spy shots for the camaro we wouldnt see half the crap we have now. Plus she uses crappy cameras. Everytime she posts a pic the mustang guys hardly care, due to the quality. The more I see more spy shots of the Mustang, the more I think it will look better than the current model. I like how the turn signal are back in the headlights again (where they should be, its not the 90s anymore), the headlights seems to sit lower, and the 69 style hips are back (a must).
Looks like an aftermarket bolt on guage pod. The silver scew kinda gives it away. Those are porbably just guages to test other engine vitals for epa type stuff, I doubt they will have a blown v8 in a gt. If they did the price would be alot more than what GT's normally run for and that would be bad.
Maybe it's just so ugly that the driver covered it up with a blanket? :D
I don't see what they are tryin to hide. Its not ALL NEW, just minor changes?! Not like the Camaro and Challenger that are ALL NEW and drivin around without bibs and dipers. Can't wait till next spring!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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