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there seems to be a spot where i open my door and the window wants to step down. i've tried fixing it by disconnecting the battery, door harness and re indexing.
its to the point of me crawling out of the passenger side door if its raining..
i attached a vid of whats happening
Window issue

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Looks like a short when you're closing the door. Inside that rubber accordion from the "A" pillar to the door, two of the wires may have chaffed and are shorting out to initiate a short drop every time you get to that spot.

Pull the door closed MUCH slower, I mean, slow motion like, and see if it does it in the same spot, or at all.

Open then door, grab the accordion tube, push and pull on it, back and forth, then up and down, to see if you can get it to do the same thing with the door wide open. In doing so, you may be able to move the wires out of place so it stops doing it temporarily.

You can pull the fuse for that window regulator, and open and close the door with the window all the way up, it just smacks the top of the window going in and out from under the lip. It's not a pleasant thing, but you gotta do what you gotta do...
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