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I finally got a chance to take some decent pictures of my 2011 Camaro 2SS Convertible (V8 6.2L Auto) after modifications. In the future, I plan to do more interior modifications (mostly electronics). Below is a list of the modifications so far:

• Razzi Camaro V8 Ground Effects Kit (P/N 130-100)
• Camaro Heritage Grille (GM P/N 92208704)
• GM Dovetail Rear Spoiler (GM P/N 92234283) *
• Painted Stripes with ghost flames on hood
• Windshield Frame painted in gloss black
• Rear Trunk Alcove painted in Matte Black
• Painted shadow effect on gills
• Factory SS Brembo brakes, custom painted IOM w/ white "Brembo" lettering
• Sparks Restorations "SS" emblem badges for grille and trunk (IOM painted inserts) (P/N HGEPR/TEPR-11)
• Custom "SSWAG" emblem badging
• Engine Cover, custom painted IOM (GM P/N 92247664)
• V8 Engine Cover Trim, Chrome (P/N 9590-9581V8)
• K&N 63 Series Cold Intake Kit, custom painted IOM (P/N 63-3074)
• Rear Sequential Turn Signal (P/N PHASTEK-CAMARO-TURNSIGNAL)
• Exhaust Diverter System (P/N 25NWCAML99)
• Pedders eXtreme Xa Coilover Springs (P/N 160086)
• JDP Motorsports HALO Color Changing Headlight Kit (P/N JDPL1001)
• Cross-Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors ( P/N CB-62124 F & CB-62119 R)
• 22" Giovanna Mecca wheels (matte black with IOM barrels/lips + custom painted "SS" center caps)
• Yokohama PARADA Spec-X Sport All-Season Tires: 265/35R-22 Front + 285/35R-22 Rear
• Orange Billet Aluminum Door Kick Plates with SS logo (P/N BC1003)
• Cup Holder Trim - IOM (P/N CAMC953)
• Window Tinting (20% Windows + 5% Windshield)
• Clear Bra (front, part of the hood, windshield trim, side skirts & fenders)
• Color-matched IOM License Plate Frame (P/N P076961)
• Coverking Cover, IOM with Black Stripes (CVC3SS85/CH9458)

* See my PERSONAL NOTES below about this install.

Some of the items were purchased from has the best pricing for factory Camaro parts. I also purchased the Pedders coilovers from JDP Motorsports.

Below are the factory Pirelli PZero tires and Camaro SS wheel statistics before new coilovers and new wheels were installed:

• Front Wheel & Tire Weight (lbs): 63.4
• Rear Wheel & Tire Weight (lbs): 68.8
• Front Wheel: 8.0"
• Rear Wheel: 9.0"
• Front Tire Height: 28" *
• Rear Tire Height : 28" *
• Front Fender Height: 29.75"
• Rear Fender Height: 29.75"
• Front Fender to Tire Gap: 1.75"
• Rear Fender to Tire Gap: 1.75"
• Front & Rear Wheel Diameter: 21.5"
• Front Tire Width: 9.5"
• Rear Tire Width: 10.5"

* The manufacturer's actual specs are higher for this tire

Below are the new statistics with nitrogen filled tires, Pedders eXtreme Xa Coilover Springs and 22" Giovanna Mecca Wheels:

• Front Wheel & Tire Weight (lbs): 64
• Rear Wheel & Tire Weight (lbs): 72
• Front Wheel: 9.0"
• Rear Wheel: 10.5"
• Front Tire Height (265/35-22): 29.125" *
• Rear Tire Height (285/35-22): 29.5" *
• Front Fender Height: 29.125"
• Rear Fender Height: 29.5"
• Front Fender to Tire Gap: 0"
• Rear Fender to Tire Gap: 0"
• Height the car was lowered in the front: 0.625"
• Height the car was lowered in the rear: 0.25"
• Front Tire Width: 10.4"
• Rear Tire Width: 11.2"
• Height of Rear Diffuser from the ground: 5.5"

* The manufacturer's actual specs are higher for this tire

The following guys were great to work with:

Jordan at
Jason at
Terry at
Gene Tjin at Wheel Warehouse (714-772-1281)
Ross at (888-541-1777 Ext 796)


The cool thing about the Pedders coilovers is that there are 30 settings for each corner! I am very pleased with the feel of these Yokohama tires with the coilovers. With such a low profile (sidewall), you would think these tires would feel every bump. However, with my setting (set to 8 clicks from the left on the coilovers), the ride feels like stock!

I just hope the Yokohama tires perform well in the winter when it snows! I also highly recommend 22" wheels versus the 20" stock wheels. They look so much better than stock, especially if you install a ground effects kit. In a way, the 20s almost looked too small after the body kit was installed. The Giovanna Mecca wheels look like they are a 2 or 3-piece wheel, but are made of one-piece cast aluminum; and the entire set of these wheels and tires were less than 8 lbs more than the factory wheels and tires.

I love the look of the Razzi side skirts and rear diffuser because they are very unique as compared to other brands. However, you have to be careful with this kit, even if you don't lower your Camaro. I feel like buying several pounds of clay to design my own rear diffuser! Razzi wouldn't listen to me when I offered to fly up to Ohio to help them redesign it to improve it since I feel it was designed too low. I KNOW I can do one better! As many of you know, some body kit manufacturers use materials that are hard to work with when installing or fall apart; and sadly, many are just made for 'show' and no-drive. This is my DAILY DRIVER, so I've already scraped the rear diffuser three times and it wasn't my fault (it was due to entrance approaches), two of which damaged it by cracking the right rear corner! You cannot see the damage in these photos, since I tried to hide it with certain angles. The chin spoiler never scraped, but the factory guard below the radiator got scratched up; although no real damage to it. You cannot see it in the photos, but the chin spoiler got scratched when I pulled into my garage one time (something got moved and I didn't realize it). With the ground effects and nicely painted wheels, ALWAYS be careful when parking! My next plan is to get front and rear cameras installed!

Regarding the exhaust diverter system, if you have any questions, I will need to refer you to Steve Koenig, the owner of at (605) 830-1146 or [email protected]. He can explain how his system works. It is more difficult to install his system in a convertible like mine, due the extra frame braces, but it is definitely possible (just more labor involved). If you visit his website, you can watch some videos about it on Youtube.

The HALO headlight kit is very nice and very affordable! It was a LOT easier to install than AAC Oracle's kit (e.g. less evasive and many labor hours less than Oracle). It comes with a remote control that allows you to change to different colors and effects (from inside or outside the car). Plus, you can see what color it is set to by looking inside the steering column. I have my HALO set on 'red' because it looked better with Inferno Orange exterior. The 'amber' (orange) looks too yellow for this exterior color.

The rear spoiler is made by GM. However, when the body shop deinstalled the previous GM stock spoiler, they also removed the old AM antenna and tried to reinstall it inside my trunk lid. That was not a good idea! However, the body shop assured me that it should work just fine. Unfortunately, the AM Radio doesn't work as a result of this install. The problem is that this antenna's signal wasn't designed to work through metal (only plastic or fiberglass). I just wished he reinstalled the antenna inside the new spoiler (if this was possibe), then I would not have had a problem with the radio. So now I am working on a solution to correct this issue. C5 MEMBERS: I AM OPEN TO IDEAS TO FIX THIS PROBLEM (please help...creativity counts!)!

I would HIGHLY recommend new brake rotors on your Camaro for two reasons: First of all, the stock rotors look ugly because they show rust. This is not what you want if you have a car that deserves to be in shows. However, the stopping power of the stock rotors are fine. Secondly, having slotted and cross-drilled rotors not only look aesthetically better, but they have quicker stopping power. One of the cheaper sites to buy from is (ask for Athena: P/N CB-62124 F & CB-62119 R).

To top off the look of your Camaro, I would highly recommend getting your windows tinted and a clear bra. I got the clear bra installed on the front fascia, part of the hood, windshield trim, side skirts & the rear fenders (price was around $1000). I would suggest getting your entire hood installed with a clear bra, especially if you have it custom painted. This would have cost me an additional $300. Most luxury cars are not clear bra'd as much as mine was; and hardly no cars are clear bra'd on the roof.

I have not done anything for PERFORMANCE purposes except for a K&N Cold Air Intake. I have not gotten a dyno test yet because I don't feel that the HP will increase much with the intake. In the future, if I ever decide to purchase a Supercharger, I will definitely get a dyno test.

I posted many PHOTOS below for your viewing pleasure....thanks for looking.


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Here are more photos...


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The last of the photos...


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Love your car. I tried talking my wife into letting me trade my coupe for an IOM convertible and she wont let me get orange. I even showed her your car as an example of how awesome it can look. Oh well.

Sweet ride !
Thanks, you should tell your wife that IOM is probably the most popular color next to red and black. I get more compliments with my Camaro than any other car I've had. I had to fly two states away to pick up mine.

Did any (or all) of these modifications improve your suspension handling?

Barton Tunnel Brace, Lloyd's Mats, Pfadt Sport Sways, Pfadt End Links, Pfadt Rear Trailing Arms

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