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2011 El Camino?

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Choppin up the Ute!
I wouldn't mind it, personally.
Here's another article on guesstimation of it:
Personally, I'd love to have one with a 6 cylinder diesel. Cheaper fuel..more power than a gasoline engine..put that with a 6spd manual trans and I'd be in heaven.

I'd like one if they americanized it a bit. I was always a fan of the el camino.

I suppose it's not beyond the realms of possibilites.
I wouldn't mind seeing the El Camino reborn. :)
With some body work tweaking...I think they would sell.

I know they would sell alot more El Caminos than the previous SSR models.

These vehicles have been selling in Australia for quite a while now.

PDF brochure:

Holden site:
That body is of the Ute SS. With some body tweaking and a couple of redesigns (better sound system, for one). And the 300hp direct-injection V6 with a 6spd manual..and a sliding rear window and I'd have one in my driveway, that's for sure.

It would be fitting, anyway, the first El Camino-type vehicle GM made was for Australia.

Well, all i have is...........
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Those have been produced for years in Mexico.

Chevrolet Tornado!
Hey man, don't mock the mullet.

I have pics of the tornado if anyone wants to see one.
Hey man, don't mock the mullet.
I couldnt resist the temptation.
I'll be damned, I never knew that even existed lol.
And I took those pics. I walked right up to it. It is about the size of a yerf Dog!
OMG look what I just found, they already make it, its a 2007 Lumina UTE SS 6.0L V8 360HP. L67?

and the regular 2007 lumina SS 6.0L V8 360HP. I think I like this one.

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Where is that sold? Middle East?
Can ya'll see my posts?

Mexico guys.
Yeah, the Tornado is Mexico, but I'm wondering about this Lumina Ute.
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