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2015 Camaro SS motor swap

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Was hoping someone could give me some advice on a current project my son and I are working on. 2015 White Camaro SS purchased with no engine or transmission. Purchased wrecked donor, 2015 Black Camaro SS. Installed motor, transmission, fuse box, pcm, bcm, instrument cluster from the donor car to the white Camaro. Donor car was a standard. Converted white Camaro to a standard. Swapped out the clutch and clutch switch. Converted the wires from the accelerator to the clutch switch. The white Camaro had the ignition column busted. We swapped the ignition/key from the black donor onto the white Camaro. When we insert the key, all the dash lights come up, the gauges read the correct miles on the motor, however, motor will not turn over. We made sure the black donor car was running prior to swapping it out. Our skill set and tools are more than a DIY however, definitely not professional. Thanks for your help.
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