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2016 Michigan FBody Meet & Greet Car Show

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It's time to start marking your calendars for the biggest one-day all-FBody event in Michigan - The 2016 Michigan FBody Meet & Greet!

For 2016, we're continuing our charity efforts and also sticking with Turning Point from Mt Clemens, Michigan. Turning Point is a charity focused on ending domestic and sexual abuse! It's a worthy cause and being a smaller, local charity I believe our donation will go further and make a big impact. We ask that participants who wish to have their vehicle judged make a minimal donation of $10 which will go 100% to Turning Point! Last year when I delivered our event's donation to Turning Point, it came at the best time possible for them. The shelter where they house victims of domestic abuse had burned to the ground. Our donation directly helped to take care of these abuse victims.

Please see the details below:
Events - The Michigan FBody Association

Started in 2005, the Spring Meet & Greet has become not only a tradition for members of the website, but a tradition for members of the entire Michigan Camaro and Firebird enthusiast community. The show is meant to be a laid back, casual show to promote face-to-face interaction with Camaro and Firebird enthusiasts. Many of us know eachother through the various large forums but we do not get a chance to meet in person and check out each other's cars. The Meet & Greet was created to help create new friendships and new bonds.

In 2009, the informal BBQ was amped up into a full fledged car show. We switched locations from being held at local Metro Parks to our new home: Bakers of Milford. Known for their free weekly Sunday cruise-ins, Bakers of Milford was the perfect fit for our show. A great restaurant, clean restrooms, outdoor grill, and an open parking lot: all the makings for a perfect car show!

For 2016, the Michigan FBody staff are happy to announce that we will be supporting Turning Point, a charity which supports victims of domestic and sexual abuse. We ask for a minimum $10 donation for anyone who wishes to have their vehicle judged. When pre-registering, select whether you would like to be Judged or in the Show & Shine class. To ease pre-registration, we will not be taking donations in advance and instead will collect donations at the event. We also plan to have multiple ways to donate towards Turning Point while at our event, so bring your wallets and let's help support a local charity!

What: 12th Annual Michigan FBody Spring Meet & Greet 2016
Date: June 4th, 2016
Time: 9am to 3pm (awards will be at 2pm!!)
Location: Bakers of Milford, Milford, Michigan
Address: 2205 S. Milford Rd, Milford, Michigan

Food and Beverages:
Food and beverages will be available through the Bakers Restaurant. They have a full sit-in restaurant available and will also be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for those of us who don't want to do a full sit-down meal. You're welcome to bring your own food if you so choose, but having eaten at Bakers before I can tell you they have EXCELLENT food.

Filling out the registration forms the day of the event can be overwhelming! To pre-register for the event - you can register at the link below! For 2016, we're using Google Forms! This will allow us to make the pre-registrations easier to process when it comes time for the event! :D

Our registration database has been updated to work with our Google Forms registration as well! :) To view the list of who registered (or if you forgot whether you registered haha) check out the following link:
Events - The Michigan FBody Association

General Plans for the Meet & Greet:
The Meet & Greet, as a tradition, is a casual meet up to hang out and have fun! The event's host website ( is still growing at an exponential rate, and there's still a lot of names that we know from the community but we don't have a face to place with the name. The Meet & Greet was first held shortly after the site was created to be able to put faces to the user names on the site. The whole point is to meet new people, hang out, show off our own cars and check out each other's cars! Over the years, we've grown to include the entire FBody community not only in Michigan but in neighboring states and Canada! Our goal is not directly meant to promote our website - but more to promote the FBody community as a whole and encourage the community to establish friendships with people in the area with the same passion for the cars we own! The Meet & Greet is's way to try and give back to the community by having a yearly show to look forward to.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING FOR 2016: In years past, the show concluded shortly after the awards ceremony. We've noticed that folks are anxious for the awards ceremony and as such we've moved the ceremony to 2pm. The show can continue after the awards ceremony, but this will allow folks to mingle after the awards and check out the winner's rides.
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I have no clue where the time has gone - but we're less than one month away from the Meet & Greet! HOLY COW! If you haven't already pre-registered, please do so at the following link:
Wow - less than one week from today. I seriously don't know where the time has gone! We have over 200 pre-registered which is about on-par with last year. If you haven't pre-registered for the Meet & Greet and you plan to attend, we definitely ask that you take a few minutes and pre-register today! This lets us have your windshield slip and everything ready when you arrive! :D

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