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No wonder that by origin all sports cars are designed to impress you with the capabilities and high end specs straight from the dealers showroom. However, if you don't want to stick with factory specifications and looking to install upgrades, you may need to know some of the tech specs of your car in order to choose the right components or measure the improvement over the factory characteristics.

If you've been thinking of making your Chevy Camaro more technically advanced - make sure to take a look at our technical specifications table for 2017 Chevy Camaro. It contains the most detailed information on all the specs of your ride, and might be extremely useful when choosing parts before yet another project. Mod your car wisely with CARiD, look up the specs on the bottom of the following page:

* The same spec tables will be available for all years and generations of Chevy Camaro, yet by now you can see the specs for the latest gen.

If there is anything else you'd love to see or change in that database, let us know, we are open for your suggestions!
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