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3 of a kind! and some dyno results

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Well i had the oppurtunity to work on 3 IOM SS's last night, one of which is mine and the other two are customer cars. Mine is on the far left, L99 car middle and a LS3 NON-RS on the right.

I tuned the L99 car first and foremost, it baselined 349/351 with a K&N intake on it and GMPP axleback only. Finished it made 360hp and 365tq with a MASSIVE driveabilty performance improvement.

The other SS car baselined at a max of 391 and 388 with just a K&N intake. Its getting SLP long tubes, and entire catback and tune.

My car i dynoed with just the addition of Borla off road headers and a polish up tune, and with WCF made 429.7and 422.1 UNCORRECTED made 420 and 414. MD500 mustang dyno.

The overlay is of when it made 416 -405 intake and tune only. This goes to show just how good stock manifolds and cats are these days when it only gains 15hp and 17ft lbs from long tubes. This is through the stock catback too and sounds like a rappy farm truck, i gotta get an axle back! haha

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I wanna come kick it at you place somethime how far are you from Colorado? Lol
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