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parts used:
1992 Toyota MR2 electric power steering pump $175 Ebay
1992 Toyota Camary power steering pressure hose(needed the fitting off of it and its cheaper) $30 could have got a used one, this is new.
Stock power steering pressure hose
Custom made hose 26" total (thanks Nashville Rubber and Gasket) $45
1996 3.8 power sterring resevior, used stock large hose too(this is the one that runs to the pump) Already had this
bought 2ft power steering hose for low pressure side $4.50
75Amp SPDT relay
dash switch
80A self resetting breaker
#10 wire

I got it working today. It works great for what I needed it for. I can turn it on and off with a switch. I would say it weighs slightly less than stock.
As for the reason for this. I had already done away with power steering, but still had the rack. All the pulleys were gone and I already got rid of the stock pump. Plus I had moved the radiator back and it would touch the belt now if it were put back. My grandfather bracket races with me and his shoulders have been bothering him. He needed the power steering back on it so this is what we did.

This pump will not be ran long, if I was going to leave it running I would put a power steering cooler on it.

Here are some pics of the pump and wiring diagram:

Here is the bracket from the 96 3.8 power steering reservoir
I cut it off to use it to mount the pump
This is before

Here is its after cutting

Here is the left over piece, I bent it and am going to use it to mount the reservoir

Here is the pump with the hose I had made connected

Here is were I mounted the reservoir before

This part will be mounted to the body on the part that goes around the radiator. There was already a hole there anyway to put the bolt thru.

Here is the other side. This is were the bracket will mount to and then bracket to radiator support behind headlight

here is the pump mounted:

Here is the resevior mounted, I bolted the bracket to the body and it just slides on the bracket, hoses come out the bottom:

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