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Good afternoon, Camaro Comrades and Firebird Friends!

As we enjoy the Independence Day Holiday, I ask you to consider:

….that we celebrate – and understand – the great gift that has been provided to us by our forefathers. We sometimes need to remember that we enjoy freedoms that much of the earth does not. We’re free to travel to visit friends and loved ones. We’re free to disagree. We’re free to speak out – even if we may be wrong – or misinformed. We’re free to decide how we’ll spend the day.

Moreover – we enjoy the highest standard of living that the world has ever known. We talk about ‘happiness’ – yet in much of the world, ‘happiness’ isn’t even an issue – rather, all too many have to worry about simple subsistence! My purpose is not to ‘bring you down’ but rather to encourage you to ‘give thanks’ for all we have.

Secondly – I beg you to use good judgment as you travel. Too many people will die or be injured because of alcohol. Too many people will die or be injured because of driver fatigue. And WAY too many people will either die or be seriously injured simply because they failed to buckle their safety belts. Yes – you get this message from me every Holiday – and I’ll continue to persuade, harangue, and beg – until we no longer have people who refuse to wear a safety belt. (And for those of you who say that belts are confining or uncomfortable: Let me assure you that a wheelchair is confining and uncomfortable………….)

So --- please – if you’re going to celebrate with alcohol, appoint a designated driver. If you’re going to drive any distance, please be aware of fatigue. Take a few moments every hour or two to pull over and have a cup of coffee – or, (and I’ve found that this works wonders……) have some hot soup!

……..and INSIST that everyone traveling with you is buckled up!

Have a great Holiday! And, once again, my sincerest ‘Thank You’ for your passion and enthusiasm for the Camaro and Firebird!


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hey tim if you need a DD, im more than happy to fill that position.....:D

God bless america!!!!!:gr_patriot:

happy July 4th everyone
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