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Looking for help ID this engine I bought. Looks to be a 99-2000 truck 5.3 but want to make sure. I bought it to replace the 5.3 in my 2004 GMC. (long story). Anyway.

the engine looks new but has been on a stand in a garage for a long while.

sticker on the back of the left cylinder head has these numbers on it. Looks like it was a new engine never installed.

*10XJB W981555645*

head casting numbers are

stamped in the head in the head exhaust manifold machined surface.

left rear 8155X40283129864
right front 9814614282229864
left front 9814614283129864
right rear 8155X3992865

intake manifold

the plan is to strip the intake and exhaust manifolds off the engine and use my current ones. But I am concerned that this engine is something that the stock computer may have issues with since it looks like it is from an older truck (99, 2000).
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