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January 28, 2007 marks 1 year since the inception of! :cool:

So we're celebrating by giving away FREE STUFF! :)

To enter the contest:
Take a picture of your car with a paper on it saying " 1st Anniversary" and post it!

Something like this for example:

Everyone who posts a picture will be entered into the contest.
The contest runs through Sunday, February 18 at 6pm Central time.
Shortly after the end of the contest, I will put all the entrants names into a hat and pick 4 of them.
These 3 lucky people will win prizes!

The prizes:
1. 2 Camaro Concept Hot Wheels cars - One Silver, One Red
2. Camaro Concept Poster I from ChevyMall #62 of 500
3. 2006 Camaro Concept Press Kit AND 2007 Camaro Convertible Concept Press Kit
4. The Downshift Flusher - 4-speed shifter flush handle, courtesy of our sponsor Truck Techniques
ALL WINNERS will receive a pair of decals, courtesy of our sponsor

Start posting your pictures now - right here in this thread! :thumbsup:

Good luck everyone! :cool:

Currnet Entries Received:
1. brandonppr
2. SAE05
3. LorcinLS1
4. Naute
5. McNord
6. Caps94ZODG
7. Shocker

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look hes already peicing out his car on Ebay to get a 5th gen. ;) hehehe

I guess I am spending more money on it, I better be saving for a 5th gen pretty soon though. I keep thinking about back halfing this one but man you can sure put some money in a car quick.
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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